Crazy Eyes

Hi Probably not the most tactful way of describing this but over the last few days my eyes have been a bit crazy. When I change the direction that I am looking in, for example go to look over my shoulder, it feels like my eyes are wobbling everywhere until they get to the thing I was going to look at then they settle if that makes sense. Does anyone else get this. It is making me feel a little bit dizzy at times too. Katharine

Dear Katherine, If possible, try and see an Optometrist as opposed to a ‘regular’ Optician. Good luck, Marcus

[a=#400040]Hi It’s called Nystagmus (not sure about the spelling) where one of the eyes drags behind the other or is slower than the opther eye when moving. Your neuro usually checks this when they check your eyes. I don’t think there is anything that can be done. It’s one of the many MS symptoms. I have had this for years and I still drive (have my eyes checked for license renewal[). Ronin/color]