Nystagmus and eye problems

Good Morning all.

hope everyone is having a good Monday.

quick question, can nystagmus come on and last a few seconds and then stop?
I have just been looking at my phone and the writing was shaking, lasted maybe 15 seconds and then it’s stopped. I’m also getting double vision when I look at certain things and black dots when I look at white backgrounds.

Can you get ON and Nystagmus at the same time?

thank you for listening


Hi Stacey. Don’t know about nystagmus coming and going. I was diagnosed with a definate nystagmus in may along with all the other symptoms. Mine is constant My eyes flick to the left everytime I blink and quite often my eyes look down towards my nose.

Hi Stacey, I’m sorry, I can’t answer your question…but I also have vision problems that come and go. I was diagnosed with relapsing MS only a few weeks ago. I’ve noticed for some time that I have problems with some patterns (usually things that line up) and writing. It too comes and goes. Seems worse when I’m really tired and having a ‘bad’ day! I’m hoping to ask this question when I see my neurologist next month. Best Wishes, Claire

Hi Claire, that’s okay. Just intrigued as some days my eyes are fine. But others weird things happen. More so at night. When my eyes are closed, I get flashing lights or feeling my eyes are flickering in my eyelids, and then had once or twice situations where I get double vision or the writing shaking on the screen. Which has freaked me out. But it’s not constant.
be interesting to know if this thing is normal and if anyone else has any problems like this and if they go away.

could you let me know what they say when you go. I’m still awaiting my MRI results back. So no one to really ask about these things.

thank you


Stacey, My nystagmus comes and goes. Some days it’s really bad and then other days hardly noticeable. Anything with a pattern will set it off. Some days the whole world moves all the time and then on others I can feel it but not see it and then on others it isn’t there at all.

Well, I saw my neurologist yesterday. I mentioned my eye problems but after a quick look and a follow my finger sort of test he didn’t have much to say about it. I don’t have double vision so I guess it’s not a major problem. I still maintain that my ms is affecting my vision. Not in a bad way, only a nuisance kind of way. It’s probably worse when I’m tired.