Eye surgery for Internuclear Opthalmoplegia

Hello, after my initial event in Sept 2019 I was left with some misalignment in my left eye. This improved after a course of steroids but has never full resolved. My eye consultant advises that prisms are not an option since the misalignment is not constant across the movement of my eyes, so although a prism might fix problem in one directional view, it will cause an issue in another position where my vision is currently okay. Just wondered whether anyone has experience of eye surgery to correct internuclear opthalmoplegia. I can live with the issue, but suffer some nausea when walking and eye strain when eyes get tired. Thanks!

Not had that. Had laser surgery to correct vision when I was 21, no losing glasses while out drunk or strugglng to take contacts out. Young and Stupid ;/ Currently have Optic Neuritis a month after my recent Double Vision relapse…Yay ;/

Since MS I’ve had multiple relapses which have cause double vision to varying degrees. Haven’t fully recovered so still some left. Gets worse during the day as I tire. We tried some stick on prisms with plain, no strength glasses. As it can get worse throughout the day tried a slightly stronger prism than the one I was using. Blurred my Vision and couldn’t get on with it. Tried switching from left to ri ght eye, or other way round. Now using the lowest prism available to correct the very mild double vision for most of the day. If tired/drained they can be usless by 6pm or so.

Prisms only work if I look straight ahead, so if I look to the side, up or down, it’s slightly double again. Unless driving early in the day I rarely wear them because the constant changing focus between clear and slight double can be both annoying and a little disorientating. Haven’t told the eye doctor that I just don’t have them on until they are checking my eyes and tell me to put them on

For me I’m used to the ever so slight double vision. Only time it throws me is if I turn quickly.

TLDR: depends on the person. You may get used to it where as someone else may not. Just like how MS effects us all differently…in similar ways

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Thanks BazzaBingo, I am scheduled to see the eye consultant some point in the future and will see what he thinks. I have read of folks with MS having surgery to correct the issue, but since mine is manageable the risk to benefit ratio may be too high. My lesions are in my brain stem, and it would be good to understand if the nausea I experience when moving is caused by the internuclear opthalmoplegia or something to do with my vestibular system, or may be a combination of the two.

I’d enquire about if the nausea can be removed from the equation. Sure there’s plenty of remedy’s, medications, that combat it. That way when you way up the pros and cons of the surgery it isn’t one of the cons.

Can’t think of a remedy for eyes getting tired though.

As for the eye strain Glasses with Anti glare lenses help. Light from screens, types of lighting in a room/work for example.

If you’re using a computer screen alot that could be contributing to the strain. There are screens to help reduce eye strain. Big cause of eye strain with computer monitors would be if they flicker when producing the image. Don’t expect me to explain what flicker is, goes over my head :slight_smile: Won’t be perceivable by most people but you’re eyes notice and different people are affected more than others. Old screens it’s quite common where as newer display won’t be.

I’d be hesitant if I could live with how it is now. My main concern would be due to MS unpredictablility. The next relapse could make it even worse. If it did and you’d chosen to have the surgery now would it complicate and/or prevent surgery in the future?

Don’t mean to put a damper on things or scare you against surgery. I’ve already had laser surgery 22 years ago :slight_smile: Just a question I’d ask the consultant before making a decision. Holding of while I could live with it would be my choice if having the surgery now would cause issues in the future. If it wouldn’t be an issue then it’ would be a none issue :smiley: