MS and laser eye surgery

Hi -anyone out there had any experience with laser eye treatement? I have r&r MS, and have had one laser consultation and the clinic were happy to treat me, and another clinicpoint blank refused. Research on the web hasnt really got me anywhere, so has anyone gotvany advice, or talked to a neurologist about this? thanks!

Hi I also have RRMS, I have suffered with double vision and a few visual disturbances due to MS. but I wanted to be rid of my glasses so a couple of years ago I asked my GP and neurologist about laser eye surgery they both said they didn’t know enough about it and suggested I ask around.

My daughter worked in the laser eye clinic so I had a consultation, found out I was suitable, got booked in to have treatment then found out the surgeon I was booked in with didn’t want to treat me because of my MS.

But one of the other surgeons who my daughter knew to was happy to treat me, my daughter knew his reputation and his results with other patients was good, so she booked me in with him.

I had my surgery, sight was better immediately and the following day at my follow up appointment, I had better than twenty twenty vision.

I think it all depends on the surgeon involved. I would ask for their name and check their reputation and ask if they have had experience with MS patients before.

If you find a confident surgeon, with a good reputation it should be fine, but I would check on clinic and surgeons reputation as there are a lot of eye clinics opening all over the country but not all have surgeons experienced with MS patients.

I still get the double vision and other visual disturbances but my vision is still great otherwise and I love not having to wear glasses anymore.

hope this helps,


Please could you recommend this doctor to me? email this info privately if it would be better. I really want my eyes done but dont want someone with no experience of MS. I suffer from vertigo and would like to see what I am falling over. LOL :slight_smile:

I also have cognitive problems and forgot to put down my email address.[edited - please use PM facility]


I wonder if there are any problems wiith the laser process if you have suffered from optic neuritis? Would love to get rid of my glasses…


Hi I’ve suffered ON twice now and was told there was no way I could ever have laser eye surgery!!


Laser surgery worked well for me I still have better than 20/20 vision after 6 years.

I had had an episode of ON a couple of years before surgery, and I did have reoccurring double vision ( mainly when I was tired) but I was not on any medication at the time of surgery.

I am not saying everyone with MS can be treated, as with all surgery it will depend on your health at the time and what medication you are taking. But it is definitely worth exploring if you want to be free of glasses/contacts.



I had laser eye surgery when I was RRMS, but hadn’t suffered any vision-related symptoms up to surgery in 2005. (Discussed my intentions with Neuro first, so that any issue could be discussed/addressed before going ahead). Also talked to the eye-surgeon well before the op, to make sure there was no problem with having the treatment.

As there was no medical reason preventing this particular kind of op, and everyone was happy for me to proceed, I went ahead and continue to enjoy excellent eyesight to this day (…just a shame everything else is falling apart ).

As long as your Neuro, GP and eye-surgeon are all happy that the procedure is totally safe for you, then the final decision will be yours!!

Warm regards and best of luck,

Hi I had laser eye surgery three years ago before I was dx but about time minor symptoms started. I have since had a mild case of ON and nystagmus, among other things. I love not having glasses but may have thought twice about it had I known what the future held. Having had nystagmus where your eye moves involuntarily,(or at least i think thats what happened to cause my wobbly vision) I probably couldn’t get it done as you must keep eyes very still. I don’t think the op caused the two symptoms I had but would ask whether such a operation would impact in any way on any possible future symptoms such as nystagmus and ON. Hopefully the answer is no. : ) Mish x