Laser Eye Surgery

Hi everyone

Am fed up with wearing glasses and looking into Laser Eye Surgery. Has anyone with MS had laser eye surgery? Unsure if it’s something I can have?

Have booked a consultation for next week.

I had laser correction 25 years ago and it worked well for me. However, that was long before MS.

Laser surgery involves cutting away the correct amount of tissue and the surgeons have to take an average view of healing your body will undertake. In effect, a 100% healing puts you right back where you were. Possibly, a person with MS might heal more slowly? I don’t know. Perhaps do one eye (the non-dominant one), see how your body responds, then do the other?

I had laser surgery as soon as I was allowed at 21, just over 20 years ago and almost a decade before MS. Was told I may need reading glasses in old age. not so much a concern now as I need glasses with a prism to correct double vision anyway. As of repeated relapses with vision issues I wouldn’t couldn’t it myself at this point in my life.

If your MS is stable and you can afford it then by all means go for it. I loved not having to wear my glasses. Still hate glasses and don’t wear mine very often as I’m kinda used to mild double nowadays.

I wear glasses, though not all the time.
I heard laser eye surgery is not permanent and there’s a limit on the number of times you can have it done; also your eyesight will still degrade over time anyway.
It costs a fair bit more than getting new specs, when needed too.
You could give laser surgery a go, hope it works well for your eyesight,

Best to think of laser surgery as a one-time thing: Opening up and retreating increases the incidence of scarring which could affect vision quality. If your vision is not stable, as in still declining, they are unlikely to offer surgery.

I had mine done aged 33 and needed no glasses until my 50’s when reading glasses were required - as they would be for most people around that age.

I totally get the frustration with glasses – they can be a real pain sometimes! It’s awesome that you’ve got a consultation at Pico Laser Clinic next week. I can’t speak specifically to MS and laser eye surgery, but I’ve heard that some people with certain medical conditions can still go for it. Definitely chat with the experts during your consultation – they’ll give you the best advice. Wishing you the best of luck!

I totally get the frustration with glasses – they can be a real pain sometimes!