MS or just unlucky?

Just been to the opticians as my right eye has been playing up. I assumed it was just an MS thing as last year they gave me prism lenses to correct double vision, which the came out again once I stopped relapsing. Anyway, turns out my prescription is fine, I actually have a cataract forming in that eye. I’m 33!!! Is this an MS thing or am I just unlucky? I’ve been referred to the hospital so got to wait and see, but they may decide to remove the lens and replace it with a synthetic one. Joy! Anyone had this?

I assume it’s just unlucky! I can’t see how cataracts have anything to do with the central nervous system, so I can’t see how MS would possibly cause it. People with MS do have a slightly higher risk of other auto-immune conditions, though, so I wonder if you’ve been checked for diabetes, which I think can cause cataracts. Additionally, I’ve just read, to my surprise, that steroids can be associated with increased risk (I knew they carried a risk of reducing bone density, but hadn’t heard about cataracts - except if applied directly to the eye) So it may not be directly linked to MS, but if you’ve had steroid treatment, it might be connected with that. :frowning: I’m sorry to hear it, either way. It’s still pretty unlucky, even if it’s linked to your treatment. I’m sure most who are offered steroids don’t go on to get cataracts. Tina x

I too have an early cataract. I’m not sure how bad or when it will need surgery - I’m keeping my head in the sand for now!!! I’m only newly diagnosed so not sure how it can be MS related? Lilly xxx

Thanks Tina and Lilly. I guess I’m just unlucky then! I’ve seen the steroid and cataract link on Dr Google, but I’ve only had one five day course (May) so whether this could have affected it, who knows? Might have caused things to speed up I suppose. I’ll just have to wait until my referral now. X

Well I’m only 30 and have one also so be very interesting to hear what our neuros think in relation to all of this!! Maybe it is MS…??

I think you’d be very unlucky to develop a cataract after a single five-day course of steroids!

When I Googled, most sources said the single biggest factor was genetic, so if family members have been prone to cataracts, that would affect the odds.



Lilly - I’ll probably phone my MS nurse tomorrow just to let her know and see if she has any opinion. The optician even looked up Rebif just to see if there was any link there, but he found nothing. Thanks Tina. I’ve found out my nan has them (not yet ready to be removed). My grandad also had glaucoma so eye problems do run in my family! It’s hard NOT to put everything down to MS since I’d always been quite well before! X

My husband has had cataract surgery on both eyes now. He does not have MS. He went into the eye unit and a couple of hours later back home. He said it felt strange but immediately could see better. He had one eye done at a time and had to put drops in for a couple of weeks. On his follow up appointment the consultant said his eyesight was just short of being able to pass pilot licence eye test. He says he would throughly recommend surgery and is delighted with the outcome. Think it is more likely to be hereditary as his mother and grandmother had cataracts. Hope this helps.