extreme frustration

i rang healthcare at home last week to ask when my tecfidera delivery as due.

i only have one week’s worth left.

spent all morning and most of the afternoon on the phone.

“you’re 16th in the queue… 15th…14th…” and so on.

down to "you’re 5th in the queue - hello, the telephone you have called is now unmanned, please try again tomorrow"

HaH say it’s because my hospital have not authorised it because i haven’t been having my 3 monthly blood tests.

so i rang the gp and asked when i last had my blood checked.

it was july and my next is already booked for october!

it has left me wanting to go to bed.

GITs. Threaten to take your drug delivery business elsewhere!! There’s always Alcura, they do Tecfidera!! Heheheheh!

Sue x

alcura used to deliver my copaxone. i’ve been meaning to ring my ms nurse because my symptoms have gone mental, as have i! anyway i’ll try again in an hour and if no joy i’ll try my death metal growl on them. i’m quite proud of that growl! even at the time i wished that you and tracey DC were there to witness it. xx

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