Extreme back pain

This is part rant, part looking for help.

I basically want to try and find out how back pain affects others with MS. Im finding nothing really helps relieve it. Pain relief, mild rest, standing & doing more, back exercises. Im beginning to think I’m just over reacting about the pain, but it’s having a huge impact on my daily life to the point i don’t want to move much. (But i know thats no good for me so i do push through most the time)


I was diagnosed in 2020 with RR at 21 after being admitted to hospital. Since mid 2019 ive had balance and walking problems with (in my opinion) increasingly bad back pain.

The only way i can describe it is someone has dug into my back to tie a large block of concrete to the bottom of my spine or is digging to pull it out of my body. Because of it I struggle to stand for more than maybe 20-30 mins (if im really pushing myself) and have to sit or my legs buckle so i collapse.

Can anyone else relate to this or have advice? I don’t really know what to do or if its worth pushing more with my nurse. When i bring it up i sometimes feel not listened to.