Extra test during SEP

Firstly, I’m sorry if there is a thread about this elsewhere - I’ve had a look around and can’t find anything.

I was wondering if any of you lovely knowledgeable people can give me a bit of information please? I had my SEP test last week and at the end the technician said she was going to show my results to the consultant to check if he was happy with them. He returned with her, tested my reflexes with his little hammer thingy, asked if I could feel him touching my feet and so on.

Then he asked me to roll over on my tummy and then pushed down on the back of my calf and sent the electrical pulses through there as the technician had previously done on the inside of my ankles. He didn’t explain what he had done, but just said that I’d done very well and that he would send the results back to my neurologist. The technician said he had been testing a particular nerve and just wanted to ‘rule out something else’.

I was a bit stressed at the time and so didn’t ask more questions but I just wondered if anything similar has happened to any of you, and what it might be that he was trying to rule out? I know all this will become clear when I get the results, but the neurologist’s secretary said this would be between 4 and 6 weeks and a bit more information would put my mind at rest.

This is the most brilliant forum - I haven’t wanted to do too much research because at this stage my neurologist has only said that MS is a possibility for me, and I don’t want to scare myself too much. However, this is nagging away in the back of my mind and so if you can help in any way, I’d be extremely grateful!