"Extend" excercise classes

I am very conscious of the fact that I don’t excercise enough. I went through a course of balance class sessions with a neuro Physio recently which did seem to help a bit but they were only for a set number of classes.

I was at the hospital yesterday (again - what an exciting life we lead!) and I saw a poster for an organisation called Extend (

I have just looked at their website (which is NOT brilliant TBH - they seem to do most of their stuff through Facebook (which I refuse to get involved in)) They are an organisation that does a lot of excercise classes (often seated excercise) for older people but also for people with disabilities - including MS.

Anyone heard of them - gone to any classes? (What made me laugh is that they are the rebranded “Women’s League of Health and Beauty” who were big in the 1930s and just after the war with lots of large groups of women doing regimented synchronised displays in parks!)

Thank for this post about Extend exercise classes. l looked up what classes they do in my region - and there is one not too far away. So l shall look into it.

my ms therapy centre has a range of seated exercises.

t’ai chi, yoga, pilates, feldenkrause (not sure of spelling).

also we’ve been shown how to use those stretchy resistance bands and one in particular was exactly the same as the leg press (that scary looking machine in the gym),

now i have stretchy bands, yoga mats, dumb bells and even one of those big gym balls so the only thing stopping me is my bone idle laziness.

big, fat, lazy pigpen


Do you still do the exercises your physio gave you, because you need to keep doing them in order to get any benefit.

Take a look the core muscle exercises on this site and see if they help.

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Another useful source of exercise is a GP referral on the exercise for life scheme to your local gym.