what excersise

what excersises do u guys do,i went to physio,and she stressed the importance of stretching my leg muscles,said muscles contract,and make it difficult,i do heel lifts,and standind arms lengt away from worktop ,and stretch my knee muscles,is there aqnything else i can do

It depends on what areas of weakness you are looking to improve, but this is a good place to start.


hiya colin

any exercise helps!

i loved aerobics for 25+ years.

nearly 3 yrs i had huge attack from which i have never recovered but i believe that my previous activity helped me to wiggle my toes! doesnt sound much and it took 4 months to do so but i think it was the previous pathways trying to reconnect. i cant balance or stand on toes but i try to keep all limbs moving-and if i cant then carer stretches them.

it is preferable that its something you enjoy otherwise you wont do it for the rest of ur life! it has to be through choice as opposed to a short term fad.


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The physio taught me some Pilates and general stretching exercises. They require no special equipment or anything - it is just a matter of making the time every day to do them. Given that time is one thing I’m not short of, this is not a problem. Had the physio actually told you what you need to be doing?


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I go to a yoga class weekly. I have found it really helps with my achy legs.

Almost 2 years ago (wow, I can’t believe it was that long ago now), I had 2 disabling relapses within 3 months. My leg muscles were very tight and I was struggling to walk. I couldn’t manage yoga classes but the basic warm up stretches I had learnt came in very useful whilst I was on the physio waiting list. I did those twice daily (even though they were a bit painful) and each day my walking got a little easier.

Last week I did some gardening and by the evening I could feel my hamstrings were so tight. Again I did the warm-up stretches that work on the hamstrings and it really helps.

Yoga has helped me to recognise which muscles are tight and which exercises I can do to help release them.

Tracey x

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hi colin

as already suggested by tracey and alison, pilates and yoga are just what you need.

there are classes for seated pilates and yoga run specifically for people with ms (see your local ms society or ms therapy centre)

those stretchy resistance bands are also good.

hope you find what works for you.

carole x

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yes showed me excersises,and explained it to me,u all seem to agree,

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Hi whammel,

The link doesn’t take you anywhere when I tried it. I guess it must have expired. Just letting you know cheers fluffyollie

It’s still on the MS Trust site and must have moved. Try this one.

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