Hi all

I am suffering, it is taking hours h(yes hours) to get out my seat. I have trouble straightening my legs to get walking with any walker so I am missing out on going to the bathroom, having a wash till my mum comes to help. I have not been out of the houses for weeks.

Does anybody know any meaningful exercises to help? I am supposed to be seeing a neuro physio soon but in this state I cannot and if its good as the last two physios I have seen then I do not have any hope for improvement.

Any suggestions would be great.

Thank you


hi paula

if you can get to a chair based exercise class, then go!

the ms society groups do these.

other than that i’d recommend pilates but that is tricky because i can get onto the floor but can’t get back up.

try those stretchy bands because i have used them in a chair based exercise class.

they cost about £6 from amazon.

you can push your foot against it which will help strengthen your legs.

there are many ways to use them but i can’t remember them. (my brain fog is a pea souper!)

maybe you can find a demonstration on the internet.

good luck and i hope things improve for you soon.

carole x

Take a look at these exercises and see if any are suitable. I hope your physio is good one, because they really can help.

Do a search on YouTube for Mr Motivator’s Move It for MS. There’s about 6 videos of exercises specifically designed for people with MS. Most can be done sitting down. You’ll have to ignore the core exercises because you need to get down on the floor.