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my mobility is limited, i am able to slide to a wheelchair with folding armrest, i cannot lift my body off the bed, i cannot move my legs on my own, have to use hands, financially not so sound to hire a caregiver and parents are too old to help me.

I use van air mattress 24x7 to avoid bed sores, can’t do without it, i am on folis since 2012 since i can’t walk to the loo, but can go on wheelchair in mornings for morning duties.

Under such circumstances, please guide me on some exercise routine to follow to improve my condition. How can i add some basic strength in my legs.

A decent physio would be best to assess your needs and suggest some strengthening exercises that will help. However, until that can be arranged you could try some gentle stretches and perhaps move on to the sit to stand exercise, no.32.

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hi, not been long diagnosed, but been told i have had it for over fifteen years. symptoms started getting bad two years ago and have slowly got worse. i take gabapentina, diaziapam,amantadine and have been on inerferon beta 1b for three months. is it worth me pushing for HSCT, i cant belive i am writing this, upto being diagnosed i never went to the doctors or even took a paracetamol. i would be grateful for any advice from any one that has been in a similar situation.

many thanks, because any body reading this knows what a c<<< of a disease this is,

Hi there. Have you tried ankle weights & support stockings? In theory, if you wear them often, it’s like you are doing exercise whenever you move your legs. When you take them off, you can float like a butterfly. The same principle could work for arms too. I’ve found drinking plenty of water helps. More visits to the loo. Increasing fluids & exercise. Win, win. Taking plenty of Apple Cider Vinegar & multi vitamins has helped me. Trying to improve the lymph gland circulation, to give the immune system a fighting chance. Sitting around can’t be good for anything. Keeping active is key. Fingers crossed. Terry

stretch bands available in most sports shops are easy to use, take up no more room than a pair of tights, and can be used in hundreds of ways.

put your foot on the centre and grip both ends of the band.

push with your foot.

i realise this requires some use of hands but you should be able to manage something.

good luck

Hi , have you considered direct payments it’s money given to you to enable you to pay for carers . I just thought with you saying that your parents are to old to help . It’s different to pips . Michelle and Frazer xx

As far as gentle exercise is concerned you can’t beat the free DVD of Mr Motivator from the MS Trust

Listen carefully to what he says; do not overdo things and make yourself tired.

Shellyonthebeach is so right; you need carers; see your GP; you sound most definitely eligible for direct payments.


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If you live in Surrey you can ring, SCC Adult Social Care Helpline 0300 200 1005 email if not ring you Council.


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I attend a physio session with others once a week. The full time physiotherapist assessed me and suggested some exercises. There’s plenty of equipment there.

Perhaps your GP can point you in the right direction.

Best wishes, Steve