Experience of daughter to mum with MS

I just wanted to share my experience, thank you for reading…

When my mam woke one day not feeling right,
So started the process of worry night after night.
And so too came a series of tests,
Ending with the dreaded diagnosis “I’m sorry it’s MS”.

I remember the weeks mam had overnight stays,
In hospital to find answers,
Those were long days.

We were not yet told why mam wasn’t well,
She put on a smile & laughed when she fell.

I remember the days I would see her in tears,
Heaven knows how she handled all of those fears.
She’d brush them aside not wanting us to see,
Not wanting us to worry about the things that might be.

As years went on we still didn’t know,
Until we noticed mam was getting that little bit slow.

She wanted to protect us by just getting on,
Protecting our childhood from things going wrong.

Looking back now I wish that I’d knew,
Maybe there’d have been things i’d be able to do.

I remember the day she sat us both down,
“I have something to tell you” she said with a frown.

MS is a disease of which many don’t know,
But it affects more than you think, maybe your friends or your foes.

Imagine if you can my mam said to me,
A life taken away where you’re no longer free.
Things folk take for granted will be no more,
Waking up each day with something else feeling sore.
To wake each day with so many worries,
Ones that actually matter and not just about money.

Time has gone on now and mam cannot walk,
Even sitting is a struggle; even having a talk.
Her eyesight has reduced so she’s partially blind,
In constant pain, each day is a grind.

I don’t think I’d have her strength if this happened to me,
Mam’s always there with a smile, a joke, and a hug or three.
She no longer feels bitter or angry or sad,
Those emotions have left her & now she feels glad.
She told me she feels a little bit of luck,
That her illness wasn’t too progressed until we were grown up.

I’m so proud of my mam for not giving up,
Times have been dark but she still acknowledges her luck.

Maybe we should all think when we’re having a grumble,
That really there are others whose lives should make us humble.

Don’t take freedom for granted, enjoy all aspects of life,
You never know what’s coming be it happiness or strife.

I had a fab childhood because mam hid her worries so well,
Now I know each day she was going through hell.
I thank my mam for always thinking of us,
When really it was you that deserved all the fuss.


what a lovely poem.

your lovely mam has the lovely daughter that she deserves

carole xxx

ahh that’s a lovely poem. Does you Mum look at this forum? she will be so proud of you.

Jan x

this is fab-i can barely see to write anything more…thanks.

ellie (mum of 4)

My grown up daughter is my biggest support. She had a childhood much as yours with MS rumbling in the background. I’m in a wheelchair now but I bless the fact that I was able to go to the beach, play in the park etc when she was little. All I know is that she has repaid me a 100 fold anything I ever did. A big thank you to all loving daughters who share this pain in the bum disease with us.


Beautiful! I have a daughter aged 5 and a son aged 3 who dont really know why i pop the pills each day. I tell them it’s for keeping me well. So far i have no real issues, they dont know. I like to keep it that way for now. My aim too is to stay well until they’re grown up. I would hate to have a child carer :’(

That’s fantastic, both you and your Mam should feel proud of yourselves and one another.

Pam x

Thank you for posting such a lovely poem

jane x

lovely poem,well done and thanks for sharing with us x

Beautiful poem,

I too am so glad my 3 girls were grown up before ms became an issue for me.

We were able to do lots of family things and I have lots and lots of lovely memories.

It’s not until everyday living becomes a bit of a struggle that you fully appreciate all the things you could do.

Thank you for posting, it has made me think I have so much to be thankful for.

Mags xx

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Not a dry eyed mum on the forum!

That was beautiful - thankyou.


Thankyou all for taking the time to read this… I just wanted to try and sum up my thoughts… maybe as a form of release, MS affects so many aspects of life, I wish you all health and happiness on your individual journeys xxx

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