Expect nothing

and you will never be disappointed.

i agree, trouble is, there always seems to be that little bit of hope that you didnt think was there.which leads to my downfall


Expect the unexpected

and you will never be disapointed.

Ellie x

I understand your original post but my cup ranges somewhere between half full and over flowing. I want and need this optimism for myself and my family.

I’m the eternal optimist and always expect the best. It may not always work out but I keep thinking it will. I live in hope for everything to turn out well and sometimes it works out and when it doesn’t I just think oh well life goes on. I’m never disappointed but often surprised by people.

:wink: Mary

I wish my brain would expect nothing,it keeps getting ideas that my body cant do,one day it will learn :frowning:

I appear to be a bit of a pessimist, esp when it comes to people - I expect the worst, and when that doesn’t happen, it’s a nice surprise. This applies to some more than others.

Luisa x

I’m always hopeful for the best but never surprised if it’s the worst, this fence is very painful!!!



I agree with Luisa. I did’nt start out that way, I was very trusting and assumed that everyone would be kind and caring but the people I have met in my life have made me believe that I was badly wrong. Expect the worst and if it does’nt happen then its a nice surprise.

DL xXx

I’m not sure whether to read your post as “negative” or not.

I’m sure wiser minds than mine have identified that one of the keys to happiness is learning to want what you have, not have what you want!

If that means not “expecting”, and always being on the lookout for the next best thing, but instead learning to count your blessings, then yes, I think there’s something in that philosopy.