when plans go awry

does anybody else have a bad reaction to plans that go wrong?

i went for my hydrotherapy session today. we were told to be in the pool at 12.00

i couldnt get a parking space so ended up dashing in, quick change into my swimsuit then down the corridor with my clothes, shoes, jacket and handbag in my hands. the door to the pool was locked. what should i do?

a young chap walked past and asked me if i was ok. i asked him if he could tell me where i should go. he tried the same door that i had. locked!

so he very kindly offered to run downstairs to reception and ask.

the lad who works on reception came up and told me that no neuro physios were in or due in today.

i couldnt get back to the changing room so he unlocked the toilets and i got dressed in the loo.

i sat in my car and smoked 2 cigarettes. my legs were all haywire. i ended up treating myself to lunch in marks and spencers cafe!

but why did it make me feel so bad? it really upset me.

carole x

Hi, I wouldve been seething too. We plan our outings carefully, as we know things have to be planned as we cant do things spontaneously, like we used to.

I only go out twice a week and sometimes have to cancel at the last minute, if my bowels play up.

A recent outing had to be curtailed and I went home and sulked. It was to my monthly quilters meeting. It rained so heavily that by the time I got to the centre, i was freezing and wet through. I couldn`t have sat like that for 2 hours or so. Just another disappointment!

luv Pollx

thanks poll

its a complicated life style this isnt it?

today i have booked tickets to festival no 6 in portmeirion. i regisitered as disabled and got a free ticket for a carer.

i booked with tangerine fields who provide a tent, sleeping bags and air bed. they put the tent up too.

i cant wait!

luv carole xxx

Oh Carole that is really not good, I hope you have better luck next time. Hope you enjoyed your lunch at least ! Karen x