What exercise does anyone do. I used to love running but haven’t done it for ages due to a few injuries from falls and generally feeling knackered and like my legs are lead weights. Anyway thought I’d have a go again today and couldn’t manage as it really played up my vision my eyes felt like they were all over the place and couldn’t focus-I do now have double vision and a nystagmus without glasses. So was wondering what I could try instead that fits in easily round a full time job and kids A

Don’t know. I’m trying to work out what I’m capable of doing. I’ve been avoiding doing too much as every time I did something it seemed to set me back. I’m hoping that now I’m pretty much back to normal I can get and do something again. How about swimming?


I think the problem is that I feel so wiped out and even going up stairs makes my legs ache like I’ve run a marathon but then I worry it’s because I’m not exercising so beat myself up. Might try swimming kids could come too Axx

I know exactly what you mean. Just take it easy, whatever you do xx

I have been pondering similar things. I spoke to a doctor the other day (I was there for something different)… they said they would reccommend something like a gentle form of yoga to build up muscle strength, improve posture etc. I have also heard swimming can be good… the water temperature reduces possibility of overheating, and you can take it slowly, but still get the benefits.

I have also been thinking of buying an excercise bike. I figure I can take it slowly, and at least I’m in my own home (rather than being far fron home like maybe you might be if you’re out running)


Weight training for me, when body allows. 2 days on, one off. 30-45min workouts, no longer. Training split varies (arms + calves, back, chest, upper legs, shoulders).

For me, building my strength has been great, I still get floored during a relapse but my body is in a better position to handle it. But don’t underestimate the benefits of good nutrition. It really is essential.

I have started swimming again and find it really energises me - I feel I want to lots of things aftewards! I’m doing 20 lengths a couple of times a week and have started using a float sometimes, to try to give my legs a good workout. It makes my vision blur more in my affected eye but that is temporary and not had any other side effects. It is also nice that balance isn’t an issue - we’re all equally graceful in the water! Selective weight training is an interesting idea too - I get bored of trying to fit in the whole body in one session.

Good luck everyone, keep pumpin’ iron!


Swimming, pilates & yoga seem to be the ones best suited to MS. :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Hi Arwen

since the start of my neuro symptoms I’ve been doing yoga which I feel has really helped with the spasms and stiffness and core strength. There’s different types of yoga - some more energetic than others - I do hatha yoga which is very simple and manageable even when I’ve had off moments. I go to class five minutes away but there’s nothing stopping you form getting a DVD if there isn’t something nearby.

Like you I’ve always been a runner - could run up to 5 miles with out too much sweat five years ago - unfortunately can’t run that well now and my L leg just doesn’t feel right when I do. So I’ve taken to short jogs round when the weathers nice and I’m up to it and then doing Zumba dvd’s fot 20/30mins from home. This has helped keep my energy levels up and given me the flexibility I need if I’m not a 100% to do what I can manage in the comfort of my home.

Lastly since childhood my passion has been dancing - I have had to give up some of it, I struggled with argentine tango because of my foot/leg but have done salsa intermittently since then which I adore. Though granted I haven’t been back since the start of the last episode so don’t know what I will be like.

I think it’s good to do something. Earlier this year when I had my lassitude it was a vicious cycle of feeling shattered unable to focus and absorb things so I just couldn’t do much when I got home. The more I didn’t exercise the worse it was. As I got to the other end of that episode I started my exercise again and it has really helped.



Personally, I love Tai Chi Ch’uan. It can be slow and gentle but also powerful enough to give you an all over workout. It is good for posture and balance and it is possible, if needed, to do from a seated position. Related are Qi Gong exercises. Find a local class or perhaps a teacher willing to do a few one to one sessions. I’m really lucky to be able to study with a really good teacher near me…when I can afford it. He also does Shiatsu and I’ll be having a session on Friday :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone some good ideas to try and I do enjoy yoga when I’ve done that in the past so can give that a try. I mean I have done marathons and halfs before and now wiped out and jiggly eyes after 1 minute. Weights also sound good as I used to have really strong legs and much as I have normal strength on exam I know they’re not as strong as they were. Axx

This would be useless/dangerous if sight is a problem but I found throughout my first attack that I could cycle even when I couldn’t walk far or fast - basically because you can freewheel for a rest whenever you need to and keep going for ages that way. I kept up my cycle commute throughout even when I was struggling to walk the dog round the block… Clare

I LOVE line dancing lol, I can do as much or as little as I like they always have adjustments to the dances so you can take the turns out (I have to) and there’s no outfits just jeans and a t-shirt. If I cant manage a dance i just sit and have a good chat with my friends. If i mess it up it doesn’t matter everyone does. It’s gentle exercise i’m the youngest there by about 20 years lol i’m 33 and the average age of the club is probably 65 :wink: but i dont care, I like country music although this week we were dancing to Stooshy and Jessy J so there’s a good mix of genre’s.

lol dont judge me lol

Jo xxx