Everyday Living

Hello, it seems that I stirred up, or should that be, ruffled some feathers, by my last post regards greed, one reply stated that this was a MS forum, by that I assume only MS related posts on EL, I (obviously misunderstood) thought that on this MS forum called Everyday Living, covered everything that happened, or bothered, a person who has MS, be it food, or a PIP matter, or you’re hot under the collar by ???, politics, sport, whatever, as long as no one was racially or verbally abusive, we could/can come on here and let us get it off our chest, the forum even allows each member to ignore any post that we disagree with, or reply to if we wish, also, and this is important, to some, this maybe the only chance they have of communicating this others, or anybody, on a daily basis, you may have read enough of politics, or the tragedy of Greenfell tower, but the same can be said of, travel insurance, of MS hugs, of PIP, we are all in this mess together, a family, and like every family, we fall out then we fall back in, with each other, Brian


The phrase ‘never discuss politics or religion in polite company’ springs to mind… think of our lovely volunteer moderators who have to moderate these ‘ruffled feathers’, Brian.

Everyday Living is a general discussion category and open to any topic (MS related or not), we don’t want to tell our members what they can and can’t post about (within reason) but bear in mind, if discussions become heated and/or guidelines broken, then thread will be locked or deleted altogether.