Eternal rest

Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, let perpetual light shine upon, may they rest in peace, amen. For those who tragically lost their lives in the tower block fire in north Kensington, they are away from this madness now, for those left to carry the burden of loss may they find some comfort, let’s hope this has been an unfortunate tragic accident, but, if not, those found responsible must be brought to court and jailed, be it the contractors who tarted up the outside skin to look pretty for the rich to look at, be it the company who handles the maintenance of council property, or the councilors themselves, for cutting back the upgrades requested time and again by a Labour councillor, jail is what’s required, austerity has gone too far, landlords have a responsible to the tenants to keep properties safe, but the government deemed it OK for landlords to ignore failing standards in houses, a motion by Jeremy Corbyn last year was defeated by tories, are these poor souls to pay the price, Brian


Lovely sentiment Brian, I’m sure we are all sending our thoughts & love to all that are involved in this latest horror that has destroyed so many peoples lives again. I personally though don’t think it is appropriate to be causing a political debate again in these circumstances, it’s a horrible tragedy & as the investigations are not yet complete I think we should be remembering all those affected, not use it as a platform for religion, politics or anything else at this moment in time. Tracey


Quite agree!

And remember - nobody likes a sore loser.



me wonders if manslaughter charges are appropriate.



Well said Tracey


My heart bleeds about this. Watching the news has me in tears.

Why do I feel more heartbroken about this than the recent terrorist attacks? I think it is because this isn’t the crazy action of a deluded mass murderer. It is the consistent, self-interested neglect of those responsible for the safety of these residents. Not mad criminals, but ordinary, apparently “decent” folk, normal, reliable people in suits and hard hats, people whose job it is to look after us, and yet - and yet - they fail. How badly they have failed the residents of that tower block.

It was all so preventable.

As each detail was mentioned, it made my throat contract and I sobbed to hear - the fire alarms were too quiet to wake everyone - the fire doors failed even to slow down the spread - the man who tried to put the fire out right at the beginning failed, because the extinguisher didn’t work - the “refurbishment” of the building, cladding it to prettify it rather than genuinely improve it, seems to have accelerated the spread so that even if the alarms did wake you there was no time to escape - there were no fire notices, no evacuation plans - no fire inspections.

Yes, we need to wait for the investigation, the enquiry, the report - but that is only going to clarify who did what wrong, rather than whether anything was done wrong. Even now it is clear that laws have been broken, and there are people that need to be punished for that - and also clear that the laws & law enforcement were inadequate to properly protect the tenants. Much to be done to prevent a repeat. How many other towers are similarly at risk?

To my mind, this isn’t about politics, it’s righteous anger, angry tears at a dreadful heartless crime of neglect.

Geoff, The only sore loser in this are the ones who each lost their life, the ones who cling on just now, political time or not, the answers will be just that, answers, the usual crap “we’ve learned a valuable lesson” is all that will happen, the guilty must be punished, hard, be it tory or Labour, black or white, now, Brian ps, Tracey, no religious platform is here

Undoubtedly they are, but the CPS will faff around for months and then say “No meaningful prospect of a conviction”
AKA “sweep under the carpet”.


But do not be surprised.


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Then why bring Commisar Corbyn into it?

Emma Coad is more invoved with this.


Why, that is easy Geoff, last year he (Corbin) brought up a motion for all landlords (councils are this) to upgrade houses they rent, it was defeated by this tory government, the only person who wants/needs to gain from this tragedy is maggie may who now wishes to show a “soft” side, as we speak, the swell of anger is growing, action speaks louder than words, it doesn’t need weeks/months to make arrests, Brian

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i sobbed when i saw it on the morning news the day it happened.

sobbed again and again every time the news come on.

it made me think of a family holiday on the isle of man when i was 13, middle sister 8 and youngest 3 yrs.

the fire happened 2 weeks after we came home.

my mum was distraught imagining it having happened while we were there.

it was a fab place for families with children of different ages.

i hung out on the top floor playing pool with other young teens.

youngest played in a wonderful soft play area on the ground floor.

middle sister just created mayhem (as is her wont) on every floor.

mum would not have known were to find us.

it was the cladding that killed people there as well.

heartbreaking and ridiculous that the same issue has caused such distress 46 years later!

we all know that polystyrene ceiling tiles are dangerous and nobody has them any more.

so why the hell are buildings being clad with the stuff?

i prayed for god to show them his peace.

and to help their loved ones through their loss.

goose bumps on my arms as i type this reply.

Well said Tracey - Surely Brian you can’t be praying to a God that the DUP are getting hammered for believing in - this is a terrible event and feeling so bad for all those affected…


totally agree Tracey!

and we shouldn’t assume laws/regulations were breached.

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My number one suspect is austerity.

Unsurprisingly, Germany has banned construction companies from using plastic cladding over 22 meters, on the sensible grounds that hose pipes don’t reach any further.

We need an inquest, as it is family led and more likely to get answers, but somehow doubt this will be considered.

“Omnis Exteriors asked to supply cladding £2 cheaper a square metre than fire-resistant type, investigation finds”


Hi Redman, the dup don’t believe in the God I believe in, just a man on a white horse, between singing of auld Lizzie’s song and being upto the knees in certain blood I like the tories more, and I’m not alone in rubbishing the response of the richest council in Britain, or their masters in parliament, if folk don’t speak up now all will be swept under the carpet in a year or so, Brian

I despair…really do…talk abt labelling people…politics and people’s pain…cheap point scoring