Good day to all, it’s reported that the cladding used on the Grenfell tower was failed as fire resistant standard as far back as 2014, therefore is blame laid at the door of the 1) contractors who used a less pricey material to save money, 2) the makers Arconic for knowingly supplying a substandard product, 3) the council building clerk of works for not making sure all materials met standards, 4) the breakdown in communications of various bodies for not properly passing on results to all those involved…whoever is to blame, maybe multi groups, jail MUST result

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how come the building inspector allowed it? Where does the buck stop. Non of it for a long time has been fire resistant above a certain height. The trouble is the standards are way too complicated.

It’s unlikely anyone will be prosecuted because they are all covering each other.

Until they tell the truth about how many died I won’t believe a word they say!

I don’t believe the numbers!

80 two bedrooms flats average 3/4 residents in each = 160 - 320

40 one bedroom flats average 2 residents in each = 80

plus 6 flats consisting of 3 or 4 bedrooms.

plus people had house guests ending the Ramadan fast so who knows how many?

theres been speculation that there were a lot of people who weren’t on the radar living there, because of security cameras inside the building everyone coming and going into that block must’ve been on camera going in and not coming out!

my neighbour’s family consists of 2 adults and 3 children in a two bedroom flat, this is quite commonplace. Most one bedroom flats are occupied by couples, and because of the housing shortage some have a baby or toddler.

They’ve claimed to have counted 223 people on CCTV escaping the building, but all tower blocks have a “stay put” policy so a lot of people wouldn’t have attempted to leave until it was too late.

Fewer than 300 people in a block that size IMO is unrealistic.

If you really want to see someone face a jury over the Grenfell Tower fire …

Get a petition going on the 38 Degrees website.

1 - you can set up a mini poll to see who people think should be charged (sorry, should have to explain their actions).
2 - get enough people to sign and the government have to respond in parliament.

I agree with the idea, but it could be very hard to prove that the manufacturer knowingly supplied substandard product for use at that height (ever heard of a document shredder?). It might be easier to do an FOI request for the minutes of the council meeting that approved the contract, or for someone to go into the local library and look at the copy of the minutes - and most libraries have a photocopier these days.


Yes interesting points BUT equally so a lot of people would have been out with families on Ramadam so perhaps escaped the fire. A lot of the people who died sadly were on the top floor who owned their own flats and I am sure their families would not have allowed them to be ignored.

The coroner have they finished inside there yet as I believe it was going to be a long job sadly. Perhaps they havent got the full figures yet.

It was an horrific fire, more for the people on the top floor who had no chance of escape, and what I want to know is why did the internal fire system not work. If it had there would have not been all this chaos and death. That is where the issue lies why didnt it work. It was supposed to chimney the smoke and out it didnt work. People couldn’t get out as they couldn’t see.


I dont think this was a malicious act sadly it was a beaurocrat nightmare where people are given a tender to deal with and sadly have no idea what they are doing.

I used to comply tenders and everything has a standard to it, and a warning etc, from the supplier even a simple BEARING comes with standards. A COHSS and they should also be passed by EU regulations etc.

That is why i never buy anything myself unless it is certified.

My friend nearly died by just a simple 2 ring hot plate. She thought was safe it was brand new in a box. Got it from a car boot. It had no EU reg on the box. She didnt know. The dam thing was wired wrong and only by the grace of god and having good trip switch it went off and she hadnt touched any of the metal outer she would have died otherwise. It went to trading standards, but the people had bought it off YES EBAY. Never used it. So many things we use are dangerous and yet we have no idea about kite marks and stuff.

Some admin person in the council office is complying prices easy enough isnt it? They have no idea about safety regulations, it should just be a simple job. HOWEVER, the building inspector surely would have had to pass everything.

The trouble with this is no one knew the regulations as it was written so badly with areas of interpretation, if it was clear cut heads would have rolled ages ago.

Just too sad.