Housing issue. Advive please

I’m in privately rented accommodation. I got a letter to say they are offering to put new windows in but if I want it my rent will be increased. I don’t why it should have to be at my expense as it’s not my property. Can they do this? Thanks


Hi, I suggest you talk to the CAB, they are usually pretty good on housing issues. Does the house need new windows? If not, then don’t have them. If they are needed, then surely that is the landlords responsibility, not yours. But, as I say, talk to CAB, these things aren’t always as straightforward as they might be.


Hi Ben, Yes the windows do need replacing. They are only single glazed, I get a lot of condensation in winter and also it’s freezing. I’ll go see the CAB. Thanks

Good Luck!

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Yes, very good luck, I’m interested to know what you get told. I too live in privately rented property, a few years back, during that “coldest February since records began” or whatever, one of the panes in the kitchen window got smashed by some kid throwing a snowball that had been compacted until it turned to ice. I had to pay the £50 charge to get the glass replaced, even though it was pretty clear from the broken glass all over the floor, and the melting lump of dirty ice, plus the fact that I’m on the first floor, that I hadn’t broken the window myself. But it’s in my contract that I have to pay for broken windows. I suppose it’s that thing where it’s not worth the landlord’s while to claim for anything below a certain amount, I was understandably cheesed off though!

Putting your rent up if they install (needed) better windows sounds exactly like the kind of move I’d expect my landlord to pull, if I’m honest. So really hope the CAB can give you some solid info.

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