Hi there, do you escape, what helps you to escape the today’s, for me it’s music, certain songs take me back to being an apprentice, then tradesman, in the workshop, on the sites, the friendships formed, the big monies made, the laughs, the visits to a pub at lunch times, the after work drink, or to times with mates, nights out, chatting up buurds, the drinking, the laughs, the buurds won, lost, certain songs cover memories of the fitba, home and away, the drinking to commemorate victories, to console loses, the taste of hate and trouble at certain games, all is done with a song or songs, back to a time of no worries, no commitments, no MS, the future, was just that, waaaayyy in the future, the auld looked auld, now, the auld look young, we have more to carry on our shoulders than ever, and above all this, we have MS, others have their own burdens, but for a moment, all is back to whatever memory we want, all it takes is, for me, a song, what’s your release, Brian

For those about to rock, we salute you, was played at our wedding as we walked out of church, much to my mother’s horror. Could have been worse, I really wanted Hells Bells, but seemed a tad inappropriate !! Tracey

It has always been books. And now that I can’t remember the plot of what I read last month, I can reread again and again. Seems a tad pointless, but who the hell cares.

But I totally get music taking you back to when …

I think you should have been allowed Hells Bells Tracey.


Me too Sue, still feel cheated xx

If music be the food of love…etc.

Indeed I love sunday morning on Pulse 2 radio…yorkshire listeners only methinks!

A lot of the songs take me back to when I was 16 ish and a right little raver…not so little now…but a raver? ooo, given half a chance, yeh!



hiya brian

it took me a while to appreciate living in the now! of course i have memories but i dont use them to ‘escape’


Hiya Ellie, memories is the only way for us, unfortunately, to escape the life we have now, the hopes and dreams we had at the start of adulthood are long gone-well, apart from Celtic winning the champions league-it’s nice to escape now and then, Brian

hiya again brian

we just need to set new ones!

just recently i achieved something that i thought was only a dream/want but after 12yrs of patience its happening!

never give up hope-even with the footie!


I like trying to make new memories, the old 1s will never leave me (I’ll still headbang & will do til my head falls off), memories are not just about the distant past, but also the 1s that haven’t been made yet, life’s for living, in whatever capacity, I’m not done yet! xx

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Your post just reminds me of this.


Hi Tracy, the memories will continue to be made everyday, until the day we die, I’m planning a memory of auld Lizzie sending me a telegram on my 100th birthday, 35 years from now, Brian

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Ellie, will NEVER give up hope for the Tic winning champs league, but the wife moans about the lost cash on bets, ok with the winnings but they are few and far between, lucky she really loves me-lol, Brian

Hi corrie I don’t in 35 years time it’ll be auld wullie sending auld brian a centenary birthday card.

I am sooooo not the blonde 1, not in that picture anyhoo​!

I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but I do find a lot of U2 songs offer me an escape when things are tough

The Eagles…‘Journey of the Sorcerer’…

and remember…Don’t panic…