- And this - I'm going back!...

ay marcus

memories of college days!


Yea, (but whether the memories are accurate) I’ll never really know?

Although on reflection - it is good, though!

I CAN REMEMBER MORE FROM THE PAST THAN I CAN THE HERE AND NOW. i wishi could go back to those young care free days and dance around handbags with my mates and all the other stuff. happy days!


And this (I forgot) - X - platonic (I’m married) but the music was good and I think that I can remember the girlfriend that I had at the time - please keep it to yourself (and don’t tell the wife!)

I’m pretty much the same - money was a ‘bit tight!’ and the only ‘MS’ that I was aware of were my own initials?

X - (old habits die hard)

The younger (still 9 years my senior) of my Brothers fancied himself as Tony Manero back in the day, and I was awestruck by the character when I was a young’ un!!

I so wanted to be him when I was older …got that wrong, didn’t I !!!

Them were the days, though?

Oh yeah and the discos with the smooches at the end… happy days

We’ve all been there - I wonder what it’s like nowadays? - Now-a-days, I can’t remember what I had for tea last night.