ESA misery

Hi all,i have posted my ESA form today i dont hold out much hope of

qualifying for the support group,iam totally exausted i have not slept

well since having the form and i feel totally defeated now i have sent it back.

i have never been so low i am going out of my mind with worry.

why has it come to this ?

rant over


This is exactly why Atossers are a bunch of master Bates.

If you do not get Support Group contact DIAL who will come around your house and help with the forms. Or Benefits and work who give excellent advice.



Get hope, help and support here:



Feel free to PM me too!


Please TRY not to stress, did you get any advice,when filling the forms in, i havent had to fill them in YET, but know when the time, does come i will join the benefitsandworks site, they have a good success rate,the secret is filling the forms in, just how they advise you to,and some people havent even had to go for a medical based on their drs and neuros report,all you can do now is wait,and if you are not put in the support geroup, you need to appeal with help from the benefitsandworks.

jaki xx

hi,thanks for the replies and yes i joined the benefits and works website

it was very helpful and informative about the desciptors.

I just feel so low and unable to to concentrate on anything

other than the ESA decsion, its taking over my life


Hi John,

I’ve been exactly the same, waking up in terror in the middle of the night, and feeling incredibly anxious.

I actually had to get something to calm me down from the Doctor which helped.

I’m also in the process of getting my anti-depressants changed too.

Maybe you should tell your Doctor how you’re feeling and he could help? x