ato@@er letter

well, got the dreaded thump on my floor this morning as the atos@er lot sent me yet another esa form to fill in, they say that if i dont satisfy there conditions one being i have limited capability for work then they will automatically stop the esa i get, then i will have to find out if i qualify for job seekers allowance instead, WHAT THE HELL? they know im on esa, i have ms, 4 mental health problems, aswell, so i found every single piece of proof i can get my hands on including my psychiatrists report, im going to photocopy every single piece of paper i have from everyone, send the originals to atos with covering letters telling them who i see, who has diagnosed me with which condition, my appointment cards for the ms nurse, physio and therapist, the list of tablets im on, what the side effects are and what they do to me, ill take a pic of my crutches even just to shove it down there throats, im so tired of having to justify myself to them all the time, im not getting cured, im not getting better im getting worse, they say to send in any medical document that i THINK will help my claim, i just hope they dont go and ignore what i send in as its going to need a flipping jiffy bag by the time ive finished with them

I can completely empathise…just sent mine off yesterday and I can’t believe the stress it caused me filling it in…

Had to give up work 5 years ago now and am much worse so I’m going to appeal if I get put in the working group again!

Makes me