negative about ms

i have just filled in a form from ATOS. i dont understand why they sent it to me, its to see if i am still entitled to ESA but i had that removed last year because my occupational pension but me above the threshold.

anyway i filled it in showing myself at my very worse. 20 pages of misery!

i am now feeling very depressed because i was looking at the negatives where i usally look for posistives!

so i’ll allow myself to feel down for another hour and then i’ll wipe those horrid people from my mind.

do you think that they want us to feel depressed?

and the fatigue from filling in that huge form is nearly killing me!

carole x

Hi Carole, yes, they probably do want us bring us down. I think you have filled the forms in correctly…telling them just how bad things can get.

This is what we are asked to do when filling in DLA claim forms afterall!

Filling these things in is a terrible drain on our energy…precious energy to boot, eh?

Don`t read it again…post it and let them deal with it.

As you had over the limit occupational pension and was told you couldnt have ESA, you`ve already gone through the motions of dealing with that.

luv Pollx

Is there something about, if you qualify, even if you don’t get any money, the social will pay your NI stamp for you? Not sure whether that would be worth the miserable form filling, but it might go some way to making it worth the waste of life?