ESA Appeals

Not sure if this is the place to ask but has any one been for an ESA appeal at the court in the Prudential building in Liverpool?

I need some idea of where the actual appeal takes place inside the building, how difficult and how far is it to get from the front door to the room.

In fact any pointers would be welcome

Is there a number on your letter you could ring and ask?

Jan x

Thanks for reply Jan, been down on a recky on Sunday morning, the main entrance has steps but next door there is a decent ramp into the building so it fills me with hope inside will be ok :slight_smile:

Think our lift will be able to stop for a minute right outside to chuck us out, depending on traffic of course.


Turns out not so bad inside. They have a wheel chair if needed and a lift.

Won the appeal and they have recommended not to be re assessed :). Don’t know how if that holds much weight though.

Only in there 10 mins.

And the latest medical reports did seem to be relevant.

Very happy, the end of two years of stress, and all so unnecessary in the first place.

Probably PIP next

Brilliant, well done Jash. Fantastic news for you, especially knowing that’s the last time. It’s a sod having to fight, fight, fight all the way, but the end result is worth it.


Yes, the appeal was for my son, who is just about able to walk with great difficulty, he also struggles with fatigue so I have had to do all the appeal stuff, researching anything that may help and it has been a horrendously anxious time for both of us, it has made his MS worse. We couldn’t get any one to represent him at the appeal because of cuts but the CAB lady did the submissions for us thank goodness. There is only one person for the whole of the large area where we live.

There was just one judge and a ‘specialist physician’ there, he asked a few questions how it affects him etc. Think they must have read everything before we got there as it was so quick. It did surprise me that he read the latest report from the neuro as most people said they wont look at anything after the medical which was 18 months ago now. Any how only in there a short time and they said wait outside for a few minuets, they called us in and said he had won and in view of the last report they have recommended no re exam.

Will he still have to do PIP I wonder?

I feel so sorry for people on their own with no one to fight for them, It is horrendous putting sick people on trial basically.

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if he is on DLA then he will be invited to apply for PIP. There is no link between ESA and PIP.


ThanksPaul, will he have to go through another medical for it, and it seems he could lose out by it ? He’s on high mobility and low care at the moment, It would be terrible if he had to lose his car.

Thanks Jash


In terms of a one to one assessment for PIP, it will depend on the evidence you/he manage to send with the claim form to support what he says.

If they have sufficient evidence to support the claim, they may make a decision on the papers.

As Paul said, there is no overlap between ESA and PIP, so the recent decision will play no part in the PIP claim. But if the evidence you collected for the ESA claim also demonstrates how he fits the descriptors for PIP, you will be able to reuse the evidence.

It’s worth familiarising yourselves with the rules for PIP and in particular the descriptors used to assess eligibility. Have a look at Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice

If possible, I’d start collecting evidence now for PIP as it won’t be long before he’s transferred over.


I have just received a letter from first tier tribunal regarding my mandatory reconsideration. It says my appeal has been allowed it also states I have limited capability for work. They recommend the department does not reassess me within 24 months. Can anyone help me understand what this means and what happens next. I have been in appeal esa since April 2017. Any help would be appreciated.