Hello, a lovely sunny day here in Sussex;

I noticed this morning that a substantial amount of money had gone into my account under the title of EESA. ???

I’ve done all the ESA stuff and filled out the ATOS forms (ages ago) yet I haven’t heard a word from them. Maybe bank transfers speak louder than words? Now what does that extra E stand for. A quick google has thrown up some possibilities. Enhanced? Estimated? Earned? Ecclesiastical? Evertonian? Who knows? I assume something has changed and I’ve had it back dated. I’m also not complaining. Has anyone else had this?

Best wishes, Steve.

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Blimey Steve I think that bodes very well. I think the other E might mean enhanced because if you are in support group you get extra money.

I think huge congrats are on the cards!

Very reassuring for me actually Steve as I was thinking that maybe if you didn’t hear quickly then you were in a queue for a medical (this is based on nothing but my own paranoia).

Wonderful. And incredible that they haven’t even sent you a letter!

Pat xx

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Good news Steve, pleased for you.

Fingers crossed for you Pat.

Lovely sunny day here too.

Pam x

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Great news Steve. Very frustrating not to have anything in writing though, I’m never happy till I see things in writing I was told verbally about a month ago what my ill health retirement would be but I only believed it when I got confirmation in the post last week.

Good luck with yours Pat (I’m assuming that’s what you meant)

Hope everyone is having a nice evening.

Jan x


Thanks guys. Mine’s only been in for about a month so I’m not holding my breath.

I agree Jan if I don’t see it in writing I don’t believe it…but they are in such chaos maybe they can’t even send letters out!

Pat xx

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Hello again,

I had it in writing this afternoon. (Crowborough post is very much an afternoon concept.) One letter says following your work capability assessment. What assessment? Was it done by medium? Did someone secretly follow me? The other letter said following a recent change. A change of what? Underwear?

Either way, despite the slippery reasoning, I assume that because I’m rated on the high mobility and care DLA levels, the access to work and teachers’ pension palaver and medical records, I’ve been put in that group because there is no time or intention for a face to face WCA. So what I’m saying Pat is that it looks like they’ve started shifting the obvious cases straight into the support group. It may be the result of a lot of people being very incompetent but it’s saved me an outing to Crawley.

Best wishes. Steve.


Sounds good to me Steve.

The form itself is part of the work capability assessment. I know…confusing!

Very pleased for you! Here’s hoping I get the same.

Pat xx


Great news, I’m trying to fight for support group was only diagnosed last month, but cause the neurologist report doesn’t say I can’t use a wheelchair they refuse me.

on a good note my gp backs me up and given me a sick note for 13 weeks so that should get me out of those work focus interviews.

always nice to see support group for those with Ms gives me hope thanks :slight_smile:


Steve, it sounds as though you can help me out a bit. Having turned 60 back in the summer I finally got around to sorting out my teacher’s pension. It all came through, sweet as anything, after an afternoon’s work online. Ok, it’s not a lot of money given I only did 10.5 years. But now I’m wondering whether I should upset the ESA applecart by telling them about this new income?

if you or anyone else has any advice to give me before I embark on another bout of prodding the slumbering benefits beast, I’d be very grateful.

anyway, I’m pleased for you that yours seems to be sorted.


Hello Kev,

You could always ring them up. If you have the details of your pension in front of you, you could just give the details. I rang them the other month when we started to get some child tax credit and they said that they had the information already. Most of the time the staff have been helpful but I’ve had a couple of drongos. Now I have the job of informing our various “benefactors” about my new found wealth. It is a relief to get that sorted though after those long intrusive forms.

Best wishes, Steve.

The way I understand it they will deduct 50p for every £1.00 over £75.00 per week private pension you receive.

Jan x

That sounds about right Jan. I’ve just worked out what I’m getting in relation to my pension.


Sorry it’s £85 not £75.

Jan x

Thanks for that, both of you. I will give them a ring. If they do have the details then all well and good.

i agree with you, Steve,the people on the other end of the phone do tend to be most helpful. It’ is the tediosity of form filling and waiting for a response which irks me.

One thing puzzling me is, do they work out how much if any deduction is made after or before tax is paid from the private pension?

Jan x

I think they do it from the gross pay Jan. I’ve just re-calculated. x

If I understand you correctly that means they will deduct 50p for every pound I receive over £85.00 and 50p for every pound I pay in tax…doesn’t seem right does it.

gotta smile.


Sorry Steve I should have wrote we receive not I receive

Jan x

I’m going to give them a call today about my pension. Wish me luck!

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Hope you managed to speak to someone and all goes well.

Best of luck

Jan x

PS I will be ringing to set the ball in motion about ESA tomorrow

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