Epilepsy and MS

Anyone have both? Just curious as to the relationship between the conditions and how one affects the other.

No personal experience, but the subject has been covered a fair bit on the Barts Blog. A search should provide you with plenty of information.

Guest post: Double trouble – epilepsy and MS – The MS-Blog (

Thank you

Yes - I had a seizure as a secondary to MS. Managed by medication and so far so good.

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Charlie_Mac, thank you so much for replying sometimes you feel so alone in this fight.
Can I ask what medication you are on and if you’ve had many seizures?
I’ve had about 6 now but each one was between 5 and 10 years apart! So I’m very unsure whether to take meds or not. Last time this happened the Consultant said my choice, either take meds for life on the chance of another every 5 years or risk the fact a seizure can kill you! This time it’s been nearly 7 years without any drugs. So I’m very unsure what to do and just wondered what others in my situation are doing so I’m grateful you’ve replied.

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Lamotrigine 100mg twice a day - I had first ever about 8rs ago and thankfully, at home. Taken to hospital in blues + twos, woke up and assessed in A+E. Was followed up in O/P. Medication is reviewed by Neurologist. Was told it could be secondary to MS, could be the only event but no guarantee. Had to surrender Driving Licence for 12 before re-appling - have to do this every three years. Interesting Lamotrigine was just at first stage trials for MS.

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If your around again I’d be really grateful of some more info. Every time I’ve had a seizure they been tonic-clonic and every seizure has been followed by 3-4 weeks of feeling very poorly with lots of old MS symptoms raising their head and the fatigue being devastating.
Does this sound familiar?

Thanks loads

Sister has both MS & epilepsy, but the epilepsy was brought on due to her bad relapse a few years ago, before that it only the MS.

I’m on some drugs for my MS that can cause epilepsy, so I need to be aware, but so far no issues.

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Was seen by Dr at follow up from A+E who gave me a prescription and told me I could think this was a one off and it won’t happen again. But, she said, you can’t predict that. I chose to take the medication, the seizure meant I had to surrender my driving licence for 12mths clear of seizures + reviewed. Licence renewed every three years. Everything disclosed to Insurance Company so covered for holidays as well.