Epilepsy advice


bit of background info, got ms diagnosed in 2013 and epilepsy in 2014 due to a lesion on my temporal lobe.

Am taking gilenya and oxcarbazepine. I was told in April that the gilenya was working well and no progression in the last year, which I was extremely happy about (3rd med I have tried).

Epilepsy had been controlled for over a year and was awarded my driving licence back last October.

Annoyingly today I had a seizure this morning. Was so angry and upset as I feel like 2 steps forward and now one back again.

Cant help but wonder why the seizures have started again? I did have some sensory issues in my leg a couple of weeks ago and an epileptic aura. Feel like I’m back on the crap bus again.

Guess I’m just wondering if anyone has had anything similar and what to expect? I don’t want more medication/tests etc. Thought I’d have abit of time off from all that considering my MRI in February came back fine.

Thank you for reading x