Epilepsy and amitriptyline

I know this is a long shot but somebody might have experiance. I will be raising this with both my GP and my rehab neurologist in the next week or so. Does anybody who is taking amitriptyline also have epilepsy? I have been having seizures over the past few months after years without. The last one was Monday during the day and was a partial seizure. However I had one a few weeks ago and did a lot of physical damage to my eye. I am taking amitriptyline at night and I am aware it can have issues with epilepsy but had siezures before I started taking it. Also does anybody have epilepsy as well as MS? I remember reading somebody did but can’t find the post. Thanks Strudders

I have epilepsy and take amitriptyline too. I have taken Lamictal/lamotrigine to control my epilepsy for years. Successfully, I’m pleased to say. I have been taking amitriptyline for the last couple of years and it’s had no effect on my seizure control.

I’m “borderline epilepsy”/“tendency to epilepsy” so I guess that doesn’t count properly. However, it got me interested enough to do some reading a while back and I can tell you that the incidence of epilepsy in PwMS is much higher than in the general population. It can be an early symptom of MS and it can be an end-stage symptom of MS. It can also coexist. The actual stats vary between papers, but I’ve read anything from 3-9% of MSers have epilepsy. Too high to be a coincidence. Not sure how this helps, but at least you know that you are definitely not alone. Karen x