MS and Epilepsy

Hi i hope everyone is as well as they can be.Sam has been back in hospital,we are at this moment in Sick Kids Ediburgh,on thurs he had 3 siezures in an hour,this has NEVER happened before,we were transferred from our local hospital to here,he has a MRI yesterday there is no new lesions nor are any of th old ones active so the fab neuros think he also has childhood epilepsy.Is there a link with MS and epilespy? ive a million questions to ask him great neuro when he returns from holiday but i wanted to ask here for any thoughts.

sandra x

Yes, there is a definite link between MS and epilepsy. I discovered this from my neuro and was astonished.

Don’t know the hows or why’s, however.

Does anyone else on the forum know?

Take care

Hi sandra,

Epilepsy is another neurological condition.
In some areas, the MS Nurse is also the Epilepsy Nurse (or MS and Parkinsons share the same nurse).
Epilepsy it thought by some to be a whole lot of nerve cells firing at once in an uncontrolled fashion.
Gabapentin was developed as an anti-Epileptic drug. Now it is used against neuropathic pain - and I was put on it when the random “electric shock” pains started.
If you read up on Gabapentin, you will also find a sort-of link between MS, Epilepsy, and Migraine.

My guess would be that since so many of the neurological disorders share a lot of the symptoms, and we all know that MS takes a lot of us differently, it is a fair bet that the disorders are connected. Certainly, my wife was diagnosed with Parkinsons, primarily on the basis of her response to one drug, and the lack of any lesions visible in an MRI scan.

So, to answer your question, yes - there is a link between MS and Epilepsy. Having said that, Epilepsy is controllable, and in 1988, one of the British pistol team in the Seoul Olympics was an Epilepsy sufferer. She was also a highly skilled dentist. Think about that.


Hi, I have epilepsy and am currently in limboland for MS. I’m not sure how old your son is but I have been told they are linked.

Geoff is kind of right but epilepsy can’t always be controlled, I have had it 3 years and I’m not controlled but I have less seizures than I used to with the meds I take now. Its a matter of finding the right one so don’t worry if the first one doesn’t work. Most kids seem to use epilim.

Having said that I think it’s 70% of sufferers are fully contained on medication alone, it all depends on the type.

Feel free to message me if you want to talk


It is possible that MS lesions in the brain MAY cause seizures. By no means all. I have epilepsy and MS but my neruo said he didn’t think my MS lesions caused the seizures. There are lots of causes of siezures - they thought mine were caused by an injury as a child. I really don’t think anyone should be worrying about developing seizures because they have MS. It’s something to bear in mind perhaps, but I’d leave that to the neuros but definitly don’t worry! Easy to say…

My seizures are fully controlled and take Lamictal (generic name = lamotrigine) to control them. A lot of the neuropathic pain meds I read about on this forum are also used to treat epilepsy. I don’t know how good lamotrigine is for that! I also take amitryptiline for nerve pain.

Ellen I also take Lamictal and was told by my GP that I wouldn’t be allowed amitryptiline as it would react with the Lamictal. I take 200mg twice a day.


Before I was dx with SPMS they tested me for either epilepsy or MS, so there must be a link between the two, I’m still not sure which would have been the best result, but it was MS.



Ok I do think there is alot of links and this seems like it could be one.

When I was born I was born the wrong way and lacked alot of oxygen. Then I was born blinde with boss eyes which was corrected at age 4. Then age 5 I had epilespy until I was 12 but the doctor said I grew out of it.

I found out my grandad died at age 35 from Polio and Parkinsons. Also my name on the other side was Scotish, they do say MS is more well knowen there, forgive me if I am wrong.

There is just so many links, its like dot to dot.



sorry I ment Nan not name

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