does anyone know if ms can affect the epiglottis, last night i started with a very sore throat,couldnt talk,felt very unwell, and when i tried to go to sleep,my breathing stopped,so i didnt sleep at all last night…my epiglottis felt very swollen so i went to docs this morning and told her i kept stopping breathing when i lied down, and i know she didnt believe me,she just thought i was being dramatic,which i wasnt, i was bloody scared to death,on reading about it its really dangerous and when really bad you have to go to intensive care,i do think its a virus thats caused it,as i felt flu like,its better than it was,so just hoping it continues to improve,if it happens again where i stop breathing when trying to go to sleep,i will ring 111 or just go to a&e.

i am sure i read ages ago that ms can affect it.hope its not the ms.

J x