EP test

Just had the hospital ring me, booked for a evoke potential test on the 13th do, anyone know what happens? Only had my MRI test. Very good service I must say!!

*only just had my MRI it should read!

Just connect wires to you head,arm,legs and watch a black& white checker screen ,then they but head phones on and play peeps Things on your wrist& ankles to test reflexes Took about 2 hours very boring I’m sure someone will be along with a more elaborate description , but that’s about it Gray x

Hi I have mine on the 11th so I will be able to tell you more then. Im hoping the technician can tell me how it goes

Ok thanks for the info and that would be good thanks Ruby x

Just ha mine took 1hour. Painless as Gray said checkerboard patterns n lots of wires. You get messy glop in ur hair which is the worst bit. Wear loose clothes so they can stick the wires easily reemz X

Ok thankyou for that, glop in the hair sounds gross haha! But better than a MRI. Thank you. I’m scheduled for the 13th dec.

I’m booked in for the 18th, having emg, sep, and two others can’t think which lol, I’m a little scared tbh, but I know I need to have it done if I want to be better, good luck xx

Nearly d day for this test, wondered if anyone else had experienced this xx