evoked test tomorrow

Well I have my evoked test tomorrow. Dont really know what to expect. I’m sure it won’t hurt. After all the talking, googling and what ifs I’d really just like some sort of definite. I know that sounds bad but I just want this episode of my life overbso I can deal with it and move on. However knowing this diseases im in for a long haul.

The evoked potentials test is ok. A little bit uncomfortable for me as I’ve had optic neuritis. You have some electrodes attached to your head - not as scary as it sounds! - and look at a screen with a checker board pattern as it flashes. I had to focus on a small orange shape in the middle. The lights are dimmed and you have to look at various changing patterns. You’re not aware of getting things ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. It takes about 30mins. Good luck, with this and the long haul xx

Well had evoked tests today. There were 3 in total . I was able to get an unofficial result from the girl carrying out the test. Clear. Im so confused now. I really dont see the point in putting myself through a a lumber puncture. Neurologist is still insisting I should start dmds in January due to my clinical symptoms and family history. Im just confused now. Would really like something to come back positive so I can deal with this and move on

Have you had an mri? Did that show anything? Maybe have the lp for completeness of testing if neuro recommeds and wants to start treatment Axx

Yeah the mri showed a few white spots but the radiologist said they were not significant. Although the neurologist hasnt discussed tjis with me as yet maybe in connection with my symptoms theses add up to ms. I just know the lp is going to come back back clear.