Enormous scary blood blister on tongue!

I’m as sure as I can be this has nothing to do with MS, and pretty confident it’s also completely benign, but it’s so gory and yucky when it happens.

I’ve just been eating - well, gobbling, if I’m honest (it’s chocolate!) a bar of Aero. Nothing hot, hard, or spicy.

Right after I’d finished, I noticed my tongue didn’t feel right. Not painful, but a bobble on the side/underside. Went upstairs to inspect it in the mirror, and found an enormous, scary looking, dark red blood blister - which I washed my hands and popped without difficulty, and then rinsed with oral antiseptic.

I had one exactly the same place, only a few months ago, so it’s beginning to look as if I have some kind of weakness there.

I know I always advise others not to trust Dr. Google, but of course, on both occasions, that’s where I turned, and found that if it’s sudden like that (I definitely didn’t have it when I got up this morning), it’s almost certainly benign, and caused by minor trauma (who the hell could hurt themselves on Aero? It could only be me!)

It has a complicated and scary name: angina bullosa hemorrhagica, but is nothing at all to do with heart angina. Flatteringly described as more common in the middle-aged and elderly.

So now, in addition to everything else, it appears I have to put up with benign gore that especially afflicts the middle-aged and elderly, and, in my case, can be triggered by as little as eating chocolate in a reckless way. I’m positive I did NOT bite my tongue - I’d have known.


I remember a while ago (which is unusual for me ) I kept getting blood blisters in the same place at the side of my tongue. Every time, didn’t remember biting my tongue, surely to get a blood blister you’d have to chomp down pretty hard??? It turned out I had 2 things, firstly a slightly numb bit at the side of my tongue which I didn’t notice as it was just a small part, not the whole tongue. The 2nd was a tiny chip on my tooth which I hadn’t noticed because of the numbness and it didn’t feel sharp on my finger (my dentist spotted it at a check up). So a tiny little filling to smooth it out and it solved the problem, although the numbness remained for a while, with the sharp bit gone, I wasn’t catching my tongue when I ate any more.



Ah, I wonder if you’re onto something with the numbness?

I don’t consciously have a numb tongue, but obviously, as an MS patient, could have numbness anywhere, whether I notice it or not!

Given that it’s exactly the same place - twice - I wonder if there’s something wrong with the sensation in my tongue, that means I catch it without realising?

But it’s only a very superficial wound - I obviously haven’t bitten hard - it just looks horrid. Last time, after bursting it and cleaning it up, it healed very quickly and with hardly any pain, so it’s not like a proper tongue-bite, which can be sore for days. I’m hoping it will be the same this time, as long as I keep it clean. It’s quite absurd to get an injury eating chocolate!

I don’t think it was anything very hard or abrasive the last time - bread or something! So I’ve not cut myself on a sharp crisp, or a particularly woody piece of veg, or anything like that.

Glad you got yours sorted!



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hi tina

you made me laugh (you elderly aero chomping woman).

it sounds horrid but hopefully you can get it sorted at the dentists.

carole x

Vicious sharp little monsters those Aero bars. You don’t want to mess with them.

Seriously though Tina, I’ve had times of wounds in my mouth that I haven’t known I’d done. So it’s possibly a combination of a numb patch and/or a sharp bit of tooth.

Hopefully it’ll repair itself as well and quickly as the last time.