Employment and MS

Hi all!! I’m looking for a bit of advice on here.

I was diagnosed in 2016 with RRMS, currently have a Tysabri infusion every 4 weeks to keep this disease at bay.

I still work part time and have career aspirations, I have applied for an internal promotion at work and think I have a good chance of successfully gaining the role. The one thing that is bugging me is that the job available is a full time position. I don’t think I could work full time without it affecting my MS. The most I think I could work in a week is 30 hours as this would still allow me to pace myself and not aggravate my condition at all.

I don’t know if I should mention this at the interview stage or have a private conversation with the management prior to my interview or if I should mention this if I am successful and offered the position.

Would my employer be obliged to accommodate my request for a 30 hour working week if I was offered the role, not sure where I stand. I obviously want to continue a fulfilling career as best I can however I do need to be mindful about my health too. In the past I have tried to do too much and made myself unwell and extremely fatigued.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry Helsbells can’t help you with that.

Maybe worth phoning CAB?

Know how you feel, wanting to work but not so much that it has an effect on your MS.

Tricky to balance everything.

Good luck.


Silly me.

This website has lots of advice for workers and employees in the orange banner ‘care and support’


I don’t know the actual answer to your question but i do know that if you have Ms you are automatically classed as disabled under the equality act(regardless of current abilities or lack of).This would give you some protection from discrimination and right to “reasonable adjustments” but not entirely sure how this fits with applying for a different job.Maybe get in contact with these guys for some advise Home Page | Equality and Human Rights Commission

Good luck

I doubt you’ll be offered the job if you tell management before the interview that you can only work 30 hours a week. I would go for it and if offered the job would not mention your reservations about your ability to do it. If a couple of months down the line you find it’s too much then you can request reasonable adjustments be made - or ask for a reduction in hours - possibly a job share.

What if a health questionnaire is given to be completed? To come clean and couple of months later as suggested, and asking for reduced hours to what you applied for may well lead to withdrawal of the position offered, saying you were unable to carry out the job offered and applied for the position when withholding medical information? Also, many positions are offered on a trial basis. This allows both parties to withdraw from the post if deemed unsuitable.

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Playing devils advocate here.

Do your employers know you have MS?

You are having a course of tysabri infusions when will they end?

You say yourself you are worried about working full time, therefore you are not in a position to apply for a full time job.

I totally appreciate you want to have a career but perhaps right now is not the time whilst you are having treatment. After treatment you will want to make sure you do everything to make sure it works.

Your working part time and coping.

Do you really want to push yourself right now and end up back where you started?

If i was you, I would wait until the treatment was over, and get yourself in a better position with your MS.

There will be other opportunities in your company.

I dont think its fair to your company to apply, and they then take you on to be told you were unfit to do a full time job, its not open really and honest.

You should not be afraid to talk to them about your MS. If you really want the job, then be up front with them, if your good for the job then they may well be pleased you came forward, was honest, and at least you start with a clear conscience not that you have much to feel bad about but for me, honesty is the way to go or wait until your fitter.

IF your not sure ring ACAS help line they will advise you fully. I admire you totally for working and wanting to progress but sometimes slowly is better then rushing and you will still get there in the end albeit maybe a bit later. xx