Emergency Eye Hospital

Hi I have so far had a few episodes that come and go with now more frequency, of painful right eye, double vision, floaters, loss of colour in right eye. Each time I went to the optician. It has now come back worse, has anyone had any experience of going to a emergency eye hospital? The one here is open 8am to 5pm. I have only had a brain MRI, they couldn’t do the dye contrast as I was so scared. (even in a open scanner). They found a cavernous angionoma, I have asked for a copy of the radiologist report but so far been sent back and forth between the scanner and the hospital for the records. I have asked for a copy of my medical records. They did not scan my spine at all or do any lumbar puncture. I have also been getting very painful pain around my ribs, feeling like I am being squeezed and painful. I can’t sleep with it. Thank you for any advice x

Go for it. My only similar experience was really good. I saw an out-of-hours GP in our local cottage hospital one Sunday afternoon when bits of my visual field had suddenly dropped out (I had had MS for some years), and he arranged for me to be seen at the emergency Ophthalmology outpatient clinic at the main District hospital the next morning. They were brilliant, and confirmed that it was ‘just’ MS rather than something like a detached retina that would demand urgent action. I was really impressed by how fast everything happened and how good the follow-up was.


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Absolutely go see them, their attitude is always that you don’t take chances with eyes and will take you very seriously.

Also if it helps, one of the secretaries at my GP surgery got a print out of my MRI report for me from the neurologist’s secretary so do try that route if you’re not getting anywhere.

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