Not an emergency


Went to A&E today due to seeing flashing lights. Dr. looked in my eyes with a light and said he could not see anything obvious but said there could be something wrong with my retina and to see my GP.

I thought it was best to get my eyes checked as the NHS website says flashing lights if caused by retina detachment is a medical emergency.and xray or scans and other tests would be needed to rule this out. As i dont have a ms diagnosis i wanted to be sure it was nothing serious.

I feel let down and not taken seriously and will think twice about going to the emergency department again.

Hi, I dont blame you for feeling miffed!

An eye problem is, of course, very serious and should be dealt with as such.

If the A&E doc thought there was a problem, couldnt he/she have referred you to the eye specialist, rather than go the long way round. Or is that how they do things in A &E?

Are you under investigation for a neurological condition?


Prior to diagnosis I went to A&E three times in the same week. I was quickly going blind and frankly terrified. I begged them to help me and finally got admitted the 3rd time around. I had an MRI and lumber puncture all the same day and spent the next 5 days in hospital. Diagnosis MS was the result. Its scary when your eyes are affected and you don’t know what it is.