Am I the only one that when you get into an elevator you get completely disorientated, when it stops at diffrent levels? If i don’t hold on to rails I would fall over. It’s a weird sensation, which is hard to describe. BE


Yes, familiar here too. It’s always the same - elevators, escalators and things like the London Eye. I also had a moment when I ascended Blackpool Tower a few years ago. There is nothing I know to help it.






Yes, I am exactly the same…I feel really disorientated and need to hold on the the walls for a few minutes when I get out. Hard to describe, but almost feel like I have reduced in height or my feet are in my head…it’s a strange sensation

Fizzy x

Me too! I’m in a wheelie so don’t have to worry about falling over! I quite like the head spinning feeling but I have every sympathy with people using their legs, it must be horid :frowning: Sara x

Hi Yes I’m the same and even worse if it’s a glass lift where you can see out In fact anything where height is concerned, gives me a disorientated feeling & I get a bit of a wobble on when exiting lifts escalators etc :frowning:

I noticed I was getting dizzy when I wore sunglasses and walked. Now, if I’m outside I tend to be sitting down in a wheelchair or scooter, but always take them off if I need to get up and walk. Weird.

The worse feeling for me is having a paddle in the sea. Was at the coast last week & needed to cool off. Just walking in sand is such a massive effort, couldn’t have done it without hubby on one side & stick in the other. Eventually got there & waited for the sea to reach my feet. What a horrible feeling that was - omg felt really disorientated, thought I was falling, my feet were sinking & started to panic. Never again & then I had to trek back through the sand to get to solid ground.Phew talk about a double marathon just to cool off. Next time I’ll just go sit in the shade !!!