Election - not MS

Completly agree. while the voice of reason says “wait and see”, we DO know that the govt will not make things easier for long term sick and disabled. Bojo is a liar and a waffler and promises are worth sweet (removed by moderator) all.

Sell off the NHS? Well hello mr president, would you like fries with that? I’m not hopeful about the govt. Totally ignored the issue of climate change which is the big issue in my opinion, and focused on Brxit.


Totally agree!

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Very true!

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ah now don’t be falling out, we’ve enough to cope with, let’s just really hope for the best with this goverment.

How can we hope for the best after Boris has told us so many lies ?

He kept promising us, if Brexit wasn’t sorted by 31st October, we were going to find him in a ditch.

Lies,it’s all lies.

Jeremy was no better, i think the reason he wouldn’t commit himself as to what Labour would do, was he hadn’t a clue how to get out of the mess the Country was in.

David Cameron had it right, he must have seen all this coming and decided he’d get out, so not to be blamed.

Even me, did i bottle it ? I voted Green when i knew they had no chance. Was that just passing-the-buck to others to make the decision ?

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This election was a complete disaster. I have never voted Conservative in my life (reached voting age when Thatcher was at the helm), and I wasn’t about to start this time - I have no great opinion of Johnson, who has traded on his ‘lovable buffoon’ reputation for long enough. Trouble is, I don’t have any confidence in Corbyn either. And in our rural constituency nobody else stands a chance - it’s a safe Tory seat, so the only reason to cast a vote is to try to reduce the overall majority. Our country is screwed… we’ll just have to sit it out and see what survives until the next election. I’ve always said ‘if you don’t vote, you can’t whinge’… this time it’s ‘I did vote, and have the right to whinge as much as I want!’ I don’t like voting tactically - I prefer to vote for someone who I actually agree with… but I’ll do it if I have to!

I AM replying TO POST 23, Blade runner not sure why it picked up 24

I share my food with others actually. I always make enough sunday dinner for 2 or 3 and share it with some of my residents where i live,

One chicken cost me 2.30 off iceland. this feeds me for 4 or 5 days if no one is about to share a dinner with me. roast 2 days, (cheap veg), i dont have an oven so i cook in halogen and microwave, i have pasta sauce with some of the left overs, or i eat chicken soup which i make with the carcass. baked potatoes and chicken in a white sauce again made out of left overs or i make a quick pastry and make a pie again cooked in my halogen. Or if i dont fancy a lot of chicken i freeze it. No i am not lucky just thrifty lol.

I am a pensioner. I live on my pension, I have PIP which pays for my 470.00 A MONTH rent, i pay my council tax, and I pay all my bills, i feed my dog and 2 cats and several hedgehogs.

I am a PENSIONER. I live on my pension. I get no benefits because of a tiny pension i was given years ago which stops me having pension credits.

SO tell me this how come i am not starving? Isnt it down to also how we live, and what our priorities are? I buy fresh fruit, i eat well.

By the end of the month i just have enough to get me through until my PIP comes in, then the following week i get my pension. I do have savings but they are tied up. for my family.

I am not LUCKY. hell no i worked since i was 15 years old hard graft. I only stopped working when i bought my kids up then went back to work, i have been a single mother and never once did my children go without breakfast. You make it sound as though i am LUCKY perhaps wealthy or something I swear I am not believe me. what i have i give to others if i can i do.

I am not lucky, i am resourceful. I taught cooking on a budget in the community, i know i have seen and been there.

WORKING all my life i managed to get a full pension, but i have a friend who never has worked i gave her my husbands mobility scooter when he died. she lives fine, i did her shopping for her, and when i found out she spent a ton of her money on scratch cards, cigs and beer i was not best pleased.

I dont have a lot of money, i am careful with what i have, i dont waste nothing. My care worker WHO I PAY FOR, laughs as my food bin would keep rats starving lol. I hate waste of any kind.

No i am not lucky just careful.

I even taught for GDAS a drug recovery unit and every meal i showed them was only ever done in a microwave. we had homeless always have sadly. its a long term issue which needs sorting out without doubt, but there are no magical wands to get rid of homeless as some in part is down to marriages breaking down (my friend had to live in his car until we insisted he stayed with us), as his wife got the house.

No i am not LUCKY. believe me BR if i could if i didnt have MS i would still be working at 68. I help others and proud to do so.

No i am not lucky at all i lost my mother in 2016 and my beloved in 2017, was forced to move from my home as it was too dangerous to live on my own in a big house, and now living in a tiny flat on my pension. I manage fine thank you but lucky no.

ANYWAY merry xmas i shall share my turkey with several residents all men lol as non of them can cook a bean lol.

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Morning, I know i’m going off the subject of the thtrad but, Crazy Chick how have you found living in a flat, after having a house ? I’m looking ti downsize, my house is mucj to big for me, …9although i like it) But i’m finding it harder and harder looking after it. I’d like a bungalow but there aren’t that many where i’d wany one, the main thing now has to be, it needs to be close to public transport. So i’ve thought of a flat. People tell me i wouldn’t like it, i may get druggies living above me having all night parties. But these over 50s type places should be ok. I’ve got a big kitchen here but it doesn’t get used a lot, i makr everything from scratch, using mostly the slowcooker. So with that and the microwave, it’s all i need.

I’m sorry. I don’t know what has gone wrong there. I tried to Copy/Paste an email i’d received, but it just went on ans on. I’ve been trying to delete it, but without much luck.

Perhaps someone can help me.

I was born in a Lancashire mining town all my family parents, Grandparents, Aunts & uncles were all Labour supporters.

and no one was more shocked than l was when l found out it had for the first time in history voted in a conservative M P.

l grew up with miners strikes , they couldn’t get benefits due to industrial action, we didn’t have food banks but we survived.

my dad died in his early fifties of lung Disease , he once said to me stick to what you believe in your vote your choice.

so l made my choice and the first time ever l voted conservative, l won’t apologise because to me it was the best of a bad bunch.

maybe Boris Johnson did lie but so did Jeremy Corbyn .

lv’e worked all my life until M S took over then a Battle with Leukaemia, l give thanks For the NHS and it’s wonderful staff.

Both my hubby and myself live from our state pension, l also get pip and yes l had to go through the horrible assessment that we all have to endure.

we live within our means and budget for what we might need in the future, we are by no means wealthy but we have what we are entitled too. Life doesn’t owe us a living we have to make the most of what we have.

l saw the people of this ex mining town being interviewed both young and old and they all came up with the same answer,

they had voted conservative as they were fed up with lies and Brexit being held up,

one mans comment was we have waited three & half years to have this delivered and time and again it’s been held up.

if the vote had gone the other way do you think they would have listened to us having another vote ? No that would have pushed it through.

l think he was right , we are supposed to live in a democratic Country the vote wasn’t the best of three, if people vote the majority of votes should be listened too.


You are so right it certainly was a case of the devil and deep blue sea.As much as labour would have been dire for the country well i think the conservatives are just as bad but in a different way.The only reason the cons got in was because labour was a disgrace.I do not trust Boris the baffoon one bit.

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As a resident of Northern Ireland (still part of the uK, i the meantime) I don’t have the opportunity to vote for the Tories or labour but as someone looking in from the outside as such, I voted to leave & throw my hat in the ring with the rest of the UK but at the end of the day it has weakened the Union here in Northern Ireland & I guess we didn’t know the full facts (there’s a shock) I really fear for the future of the Union as Boris has told lie after lie & Corbyn was a bit of a joke if you ask me - he has loads of compassion for the poor but not the victims of terrorism - I found that strange - it remains to be seen what way we all end up in this - fingers crossed it will work out all ok…but stormy waters ahead…

Hi BR can you apply through your local council if you can its best. I did i never thought I could as i had my own home, but because of my medical needs I had support by my neurolgoist and GP and got given a SILVER BAND RATING which gave me significant medical need. this means with Homeseeker you can join and bid for properties that are more regulated.

I am sure it is the same throughout the country?

I had to prove i had my house on the market but could still be housed through my council.

I found it hard to be honest to start with downsizing from a huge 3 bed, but once i got in here i actually found i had more energy as i had less walking to do to get around. I have no issue with noise above the guy is good. we have a lounge with meetings and get together’s.

I am going to have to move again though sadly as now i need my wheelchair more and its way too big for my flat, so i have been given silver rating again and back on the move. I went originally for a one bed flat for 1 person. If you can bid or look for anew place go for a 1 bed for TWO people as they are bigger, only go for ground floor. there are a lot of complexes sheltered who have bungalows if you can go for one, that is what i am doing next.

go also for a place with some outside space. i would be stuffed without my bit of outside space.

It is a huge thing to move with our illness and i was ill for weeks and depressed as i only moved because my husband died.

some of the sheltered or independant flats are really big. I am sure you will be fine for space, i dont even have a cooker in my kitchen lol as i live by my halogen and microwaves, and its amazing the things you can buy now to make space.

investigage the sheltered/indpendant through council i would say first. If they have any, then get supporting evidence from your doctors and even OT team.

If you house is council well downsizing you will be a priority as they need the bigger houses.

good luck if you get stuck or need help just give me a shout. x

I think the ARROGANT POLITICIANS got bit hard. They were arrogant because they totally ignored the DECOMCRATIC vote. we voted out of EU. they ignored it in their manifesto and is totally proven when you see that the lib dems no longer exist Jo swinson is now just a memory…

dont mess with our decomacracy. we voted fair and square.

we voted fair and square in the G.E. and now we have the arrogant citizens calling tory votes turkey, idiots, stupid and so many other awful things i would not put on here.

I would never call a labour voter names my brother is a staunch labour voter and he has his right to be. I am not saying that BJ has it right, yes lies all politicians tell lies, but he is already securing the money for the NHS by making it legal to use the pledge which is promised.

this will be ongoing.

so for me lets see what happens, i dont hate no one, i love all my brothers no matter what colour they are, we all have a right to vote our own way, it was fought hard for us to do so by sacrfice for women anyway and i for one was not about to waste it.

I think Charlie b you have made some good sensible points. thank you. I hope labour who ever it is now led by learns from it. xxxx


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CC my comment was in answer to the poor not having any food.No way was it directed at you.

Hi i was replying to Bladerunner post 24, not sure why it picked up 23. so not problems hun. weird system we have. x