Egypt vaccination

Hi, I am off to Egypt and was wondering which vaccines I can/should get. Been before but that was before MS took hold. Charly x

Tetanus & Polio, Hep B, Rabies and Typhoid. Ask at your GP’s they will advise when to have them.

Jan x

My GP is Egyptian and after I came back from Egypt from a holiday with a bit of tummy trouble he said that if I went again, I should go to him and get something to take for my tummy some weeks before I travelled, he said even he takes something and he is Egyptian. Don’t know if you are going in the sea, but the reef is wonderful and you float without having to swim as it is very salty.

This should give you an idea before your GP confirms.

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Thanks. I have been told I cannot have anything with a live vaccination as I am on Tysabri.

I think you need to ask your GP or Pharmasist.

Happy holidays

Jan x