Ecofriendly / walk to school day

The nursery has thought it a good Idea to have a walk to school day. For health and green purposes. My sons all excited I’m not sure I’ll manage it. Plus if I take him and do it ill make it to nursery will I make it back to the car and will I be able to drive. I know it’s supposedly a good idea but I just worry He’s getting more aware I don’t want him to feel different. At the same time I don’t want to trail behind they’ve only allowed 10 minutes to get to nursery. And I’ve willow to think of as she’ll hav to put up with me the rest of the day. And there the whole ex did on làtches on to wanting kids when there No carrying on. Bloomin ms (the polite word of what I’m thinking) Prob just feeling sorry for myself as I took it into my head to garden today, then power hose the sand /water tray and the ground round it, clean the bird bath out, post parcels, etc etc On a positive note it was a beautiful day and sitting in the garden eating our lunch surrounded by the flowers and birds was awesome. Found a birds egg that had fallen out of the nest Callum was inspecting it using clothes pegs so he wouldn’t touch it and it pretty much formed, so we had to bury it. Which leD to heaven, god conversation so after a edited version about god, Jesus, Noah etc he said. So god like Harry potter then. I think I stood there with my jaw open wondering what the connection was. So asked curiosly oh whys that. He turned and said matter of factory well they both can do magical things. X

aw bless him!

i’m sure that god would smile at that!

carry on doing what you’re able. conversations mean more than walks!

take care and please continue to let us know all the sweet stuff they say.

carole x

if you feel like you can’t and that if you do go for the walk it will seriously effect everything you do the rest of the day, tell the people at the nursery that. i understand you don’t want your son to feel different but you also dont want to be a wreck after the walk.

Why not suggest driving half way and walking half way - or to a point that you are comforatble that you can walk to school and back to the car ? Just a thought - hope it works

Why not suggest driving half way and walking half way - or to a point that you are comfortable that you can walk to school and back to the car ? Just a thought - hope it works

Why not suggest driving half way and walking half way - or to a point that you are comfortable that you can walk to school and back to the car ? Just a thought - hope it works

Thanks everyone. You wouldn’t have been calling him sweet this afternoon if looks could have killed. Just the adjusting to have willow home everything outside was his and he wouldn’t let her have it. So working on that without loosing the plot. But he adores his nursery teacher. So I threatened to message her as his reports said he’s very considerate and aware of others. He was devastated at the thought of his amazing Nicola not approving of him. I have said before you better not behave like that. To be told of course I don’t behave like that there I just do it here!!! He seems to be full of testosterone at the moment. Pozing I’m his boxers infront of the mirrors. I dreAd to think where he’s learned it, the thought of him and his dad pozing infront of his mirrored wardrobes fills me with nightmares lol. I’ve asked about a few things whete have you learned that. The replyin my brain whete do you think. That’s me told. Buthe redeemed himself tonight going out the door. Said I love you. Reply I love you bits and back bits and back, oh and remember you’ve to inject tonight. He’s my little diary bless him, Think I might see if his dad wants to do the walk to nursery, he doesn’t do much else to help. Im exhausted tonight made loads of soup for willow to freeze down. The soup overflowed the blender, the willow got the bowl and smashed it, then making her milk I forhot to tighten the lid and shook it everywhere, oops. Today she had 3 changes of clothes, sitting in muddy puddles is so much fun, and running round the grass on the bouncy slide is great fun. They’re so different Callum I could have dressed in white and he would have stayed clean all day hated being dirty. Tried to eat wotsits with a fork when he was about 15 months and wouldn’t Eat them as they were a mess. Willow tries to eat yogurt with her hands and then pretends it’s hair gel. Which is really funny at the time the mess is horrendous. Callum was out of nappies at 19 months willow will be 3 she couldn’t care less if her nappy is a mess Im convinced she should have been a boy and him a girl. Callum is serious she’s a comedian and knows it lol. She loves tonight when he’s not here, she was lying the length of me just looking into my eyes just letting me kiss her It’s amazing having her home Apologies for going on. My kids are everything to me and have snapped me out of just wNting to disappear. Willow wasn’t ‘planned’ and nearly lost Hera few times in my pregnancy and when my big relapse struck I couldn’t understNd how cruel nature wS. But she truly is a blessing and was meant to be. She pushes me everyday x

please dont apologise for telling us about your lovely children they sound delightful,and you must be very .very proud of them,and rightly so…i have a 16month old little grandauughter …and she brightens up my life, i love the bones of her…and didnt realise for a minute how i would feel being made a grandma for the 1st time…you try make the most of every precious moment with them…because before you know it,they will be all grown up… x