eating an apple in bed with laptop

Stupid me I am layin hEre Heather gavE me a little bedside picnic bEffore she wEnt out and I am trying to type this eating an apple laying in bed. Its a big fail but the apple was nice, It was the last thing left of my picnic but I do have some orange squash and some more tablets. I know how to live dont I ?

HopE ou are all fine in this heat. Heather is meeting our daughter and grandsons at the beach hut, not quite the Hamptons but I like to refer to it as our summer residence or our little place by the sea when I am being pretencious


PS Heathers back, shower for me then

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Hi Don,

Just started to pour down here, just in time for the bank holiday weekend! Not that we have plans but a shame for those who do.

Better than the Hamptons…its in England!

Hope you had a shower with no repeat performances of last week…or was it the week before? Sorry MS brain!

Nina x

Nina run that by me again MS brain I never had a brain before ms so spent last twenty years looking for mine. I didn’t fall over and never needed wheelchair just the zimmer


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