Easy to swallow


There is no doubt that swallowing can sometimes be difficult for some of us. No longer can I voraciously devour a docker’s butty at great speed. Some foods may be more attractive and perhaps panna cotta is one of them. I am slightly bemused however, by its constant appearance on Masterchef the Professionals and the Great British Menu. It’s obviously in vogue.

Here are some thoughts:


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Nice one Steve. That’s poncy chefs, hipsters, restaurants where they a) make you cook your own food, or b) eat off something not made of china (personally I have a deep-seated loathing for eating from insanitary wooden boards), fashionistas, artsy, arty types who prefix everything with soooo, and append all utterances with ‘darling’, and even Theresa May lampooned all in one blog.

Well done (as always).


Phlegm! Oh Steve. That was a genuine coffee out my nose moment. I was actually there. In that cafe/restaurant with you, observing the farcical nonsense that you describe so eloquently. Love it. Thank you for a smiley face this Wednesday morning. Sue, those socks…have you been round to Anthony’s ?

Well, I may have been. As I’m sure you know, he doesn’t like to play ‘favourites’. But an invitation to Durer Towers for tea is a little bit like being invited by the queen to the Palace. You can’t really refuse. Except that Durer Towers is a bit run down, dusty in the corners (and in the sandwiches). And the ‘tea’ is actually cheap blended whisky (I think he shops at Aldi). Still, I got a pair of socks out of the experience, and they only needed a couple of washes with some ‘Vanish’ plus a bit of darning.


Huh. Get you! Invitation to the Towers. Oh, and I shop at Aldi. I’m actually a Supermarket Offer Tart. I don’t pledge allegiance to any one name but take advantage of the best offers from whichever.

I doubt that he even knows that I’ve boasted of my invitation. I hope he doesn’t see this. I don’t have a problem with hunting for bargains wherever they might be found. Just that when you go to somewhere with ‘Towers’ on the invite, you expect a bit more than a slightly drunk host, some cheap whisky and a dried up M&S sandwich. Plus some socks (used).


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