Panna cotta


For those of us with swallowing problems, soft desserts like panna cotta might be ideal. Along with yoghurts and blancmange etc, they can easily satisfy our sweet cravings. What gets me though is the current obsession with the stuff. Masterchef the professionals seem to have every contestant making some effort to make one. If you fancy some, it’s really quite easy to make.


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Phlegm! Oh Steve. That was a genuine coffee out my nose moment. I was actually there. In that cafe/restaurant with you, observing the farcical nonsense that you describe so eloquently. Love it. Thank you for a smiley face this Wednesday morning. X

You’re a very imaginative and talented author and your descriptive abilities are marvellous, I can picture it all so clearly. I really enjoy these articles you write Steve. Thanks so much for brightening another evening, please keep it up.


jelly and custard, deconstructed trifle. Quite often have this conversation with hubby what a lot of nonsense!