Easter Memories

My birthday is April the 2cnd.

Easter aways reminds of my aunty Annie…one of my mum’s sister’s. She always bought me an Easter egg for my birthday

I remember little eggs inside a mini Gondola basket…do any you remember them? I loved those little baskets

There was a shop in our local town in the 60/70s that use to sell straw baskets…you could watch them make their own. I used to buy them. Sort of square shaped, with an handle across the middle and they had covers on them.

Not long after Easter it was Whit Sunday. We always got a new dress and a straw hat…lovely feeling walking to church all in our new clothes

You guys got any Easter memories to share?


When the children were young I would buy an Easter Egg every week so I didn’t have them all to buy in one go…would have worked too if only I didn’t also eat one a week

Jan x

Yah greedy girl

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Hi Blossom,

Yes, but it’s very bittersweet.

I remember one Easter visiting my parents, when we already knew Dad was dying. At that time, he still used to take long walks, in spite of the seriousness of his condition (it wouldn’t be long before he could barely stand). To spend as much time as possible with him, I accompanied him on one of these walks, even though it would not normally have been my thing (I’ve only really started making more effort to walk since my diagnosis).

I particularly remember two things - nothing profound, really - just small things that stay with you.

On the walk, we saw a tree we couldn’t identify. It was a very simple and graceful tree - like a child’s drawing. Dad asked me: “Do you know what that tree is?” I said: “Sorry, no, I don’t, we’ll have to Google when we get home!” Then we passed a street near us called Hornbeam Road - we’d both known it for years. Dad said: “I don’t think I know what a hornbeam looks like, do you?” Again I said: “Sorry, no, I don’t, we’ll have to Google when we get home.”

When we got home, we Googled “hornbeam”, and found it was the name of the tree we hadn’t been able to identify! Mum asked: “Did you enjoy your walk?”, and we said: “Yes: we found a tree without a name, and a name without a tree, and when we got home, they matched!”

But the other thing that happened on the walk was that as we were passing the pub, a tiny bird flew out of one of the legs of the pub sign, just missing our faces. I’m not sure what bird it was now - probably a blue tit. The metal support of the sign had a tiny hole in it - not intentional - presumably some quirk of the manufacturing process. I would not even have noticed that hole, let alone expected a bird to pop out of it! The bird had obviously decided to nest in the pub sign. I often wonder if there’s one in there every Spring, or if we were just lucky to see it when we did. It always makes me think of Dad - the surprise of that bird popping out from an unexpected place, as well as coming home with two unanswered questions, and finding they were two halves of the same thing!

Isn’t it strange, the little things you remember?



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love that tina. a memorable memory indeed.

blossom - i got easter eggs from mum and my aunty.

we had new clothes for easter and always a hat to go with them.

strong memory of a green tweed suit with a yellow straw hat when i was about 4 yrs.

walking days were another and i always had a new dress in either white or pink.

we weren’t well off but mum used to sew.

also the walking day dresses got reused for school photograph day.

carole x


That’s a very moving story Tina. Beautiful in it’s sadness.

Thank you for sharing.


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I can remember having a plain green coat with matching shoes and a muff

The rest of the year it was big sister’s cast offs or my mum embroidered flowers over the tears. I was a right tom boy!

I once remember the tar man coming round to re-do the road. I got covered making tar lollies. Ruined my dress and remember being covered in lard to get rid of the tar.

Happy memories


ah we used to make tar babies when the tar man came round.

funny how someone else’s memories can trigger my own.

still love the smell of tar.

carole x

My brother’s scout group had an Easter event one year. One of the things they did was have a treasure hunt where they hid an Easter egg in an enormous paper mache spider and everyone was given a map and clues to find it.

Even though me and my sister were supposed to be in my brother’s team, he went off with his mates leaving use with another girl on our own. Having no map we followed some others around, got bored and went to play in the wooded area. Guess what we found, the spider and the Easter egg. It was lovely, my brother’s and another scouts noses well and truly out of joint.!!

Nice one #2 the girls got the choccy

I would have loved to seen a giant paper mache spider


It was massive, or it seemed that way, I was only 9 at the time (if that), we didn’t tell the people who ran it we found it by accident!! hee hee