Naff Christmas presents.

We haven’t had our yearly exchange of naff Christmas presents. I have nothing to report this year. What about you lot? :slight_smile:

I’ve only got one so far,and apologies all round as it/they are really cool…Remote control electric sockets.They plug into a power outlet,then the thing of your choice plugs into it.There is a little remote control fob which turns the three plugs On and Off.

Now, the kettle is boiling by the time I arrive,the halogen fire does what I tell it to and the bedside light is running up the bill by the time I get there.

Thank you Aunty Edna,and not bad for 86


Oh, I got an absolute classic: a brooch of a seven-legged spider. Yup, that’s right, it was clearly BROKEN!

I was torn about whether to say anything to the giver, but somehow just couldn’t bring myself to compose a polite thank you for the “lovely” brooch. As it happened, she called on Boxing Day, and caught me rather off-guard, as I was sleeping! She was obviously very excited to find out how I’d liked my present.

As I hadn’t had time to plan exactly what I was going to say, what popped out was the truth. I said: “Erm…I haven’t been sure whether or not to tell you, BUT…”

And she chipped in: “Oh, don’t you like spiders?”

“Um, no, it’s not that…He’s only got seven legs!”

Of course, I expected her to apologise, and say she’d bought it without noticing, but she went on to say she’d pointed it out IN THE SHOP, but as neither she nor the shop girl could see where it was broken, she’d bought it anyway. It’s actually quite hard to spot the broken bit where the missing leg must once have been, but surely, you don’t need that, to know there must have been one, and that a seven-legged spider is defective, whether it broke, or was accidentally made that way.

I find the whole thing bizarre. I’ve not been working since July, so obviously don’t have as much cash as before, but does she honestly think that means I’d be grateful for a broken brooch? I reckon she can’t have spent more than about 50p on it. Not that the money matters, but a bag of sweets would have been a better present, for a similar price. At least I’d have had the enjoyment of them. But what can you do with a piece of broken jewellery? Absolutely nothing! I’ve put better stuff in the jumble.

I don’t want to fall out with her over it, but can’t help but feel a bit hurt that she thought a bit of broken tat was alright. I’m not expecting a genuine gold brooch or anything, but there are plenty of inexpensive gift possibilities, without having to choose something broken.



You probably didn’t mean to tell it as a funny story, but your 7 legged spider brooch has certainly made my otherwise awful day.

On another note, prezzies so far have been good, but… I have yet to see other relatives so I await with bated breath… watch this space.

Pat - A good thread - come on everyone - what did you get?

Jody x

Haha, yeah, you can see where it’s broken, although it wasn’t that obvious at first, as it’s quite tiny, and it was a pretty clean break - so you could be excused for thinking it might have been made that way. If not for the fact only Del Boy and Rodney would be selling a job lot of seven-legged spiders!

It did make me laugh, too, which I suppose was a gift of a sort, if not the intended one.

There doesn’t seem to be a regular laughing smiley - there’s only an evil laugh, this one: or the one they call “happy”:


Hi All,

I was wrapping pressies all one evening before Christmas, put them to one side then wrapped my sons pressie, a tool box (for when he moves out). having wrapped everything I hid them. Come Christmas eve I said to O/H where are the pressies, he didn’t know and I couldn’t remember. So we went hunting all evening and found nothing. Christmas morning we started again, still couldn’t find them. Then the time came to unwrap the pressies we had got. My son opened his biggest last, the tool box, O/H said open it up and see all the shelves etc and as he did out tumbled all the pressies we’d spent hours looking for. Memory…what memory!!!



Oh just googled 7 legged spider and they do exist, seems your brooch may have come all the way from Madagascer dear.

So all is not lost

Kim xx

pat they should be at the top of your reply box xx

Morning Pat,

In the reply box, you should be able to see a group of controls along the top panel, BUT, not sure these are there if you’re using a tablet (can’t be bothered to go all the way back upstairs to check my iPad), which might explain why you don’t see it. If you’re using an “ordinary” computer, the rightmost of the control buttons should have a smiley on it. If you click that, a panel comes up, letting you choose your smiley. But quite a limited range - some quirky ones I can’t imagine ever using, yet missing some of the most universal - like winking.

Back to the spiders, and funnily enough, I Googled too, after receiving the brooch, as someone told me a seven-legged spider might be lucky, in Italy - much as a four-leaved clover is to us. I can sort of see the logic, as seven legs would mean the spider has had a close shave, but escaped with its life, so “lucky”, in that sense - though not as lucky as keeping all eight legs.

But I couldn’t find anything about that supposed Italian tradition - or that it was “lucky” in any culture. I’m also sceptical of claims that any spider - in Madagascar or elsewhere - has evolved to have only seven legs. I reckon a seven-legged spider has always lost one, and wasn’t that way naturally. I suppose spider birth defects are possible, but it’s still a kind of accident, and not the way spiders are meant to be.

Haha! I can see the funny side, and it’s been interesting to look into, but none of it explains why my friend would knowingly give me a seven-legged spider.

I’m trying to imagine the dialogue in the shop (assuming it was a shop, and not a car boot sale):

“But it’s only got seven legs!”

Shop girl: “Hmmm…yes. But it doesn’t actually look broken.”

“OK, I’ll take it.”



Hello All,

This Christmas I had only one solitary present, and this is a pair of sox. They always come in useful, so I am not complaining, but…

Have an unashamedly happy and healthy 2013 everyone!!


Hi Pat,

Hope you had a good Christmas. Nothing naff to report here but I will say that I’ve had three of the best pressies ever. The first two weren’t tangible as such because the first was that friends who travelled to stay over with us the weekend before Christmas, put up my Christmas tree for me and decorated it beautifully. This was because they know full well that my hands lack the fine motor skills to do it myself.

The second was that my son and partner invited us and his g/f’s parents to their home for Christmas Day. Son did all the cooking, and g/f all the prep and clearing up. It was quite an emotional day for both sets of parents because we all felt so proud of them.

The best pressie of all has yet to be ‘opened’ because it’s a mutual gift between my hubby and myself. It’s going to be a celebration of life and it’s going to take place when the weather is better - a champagne flight in a hot air balloon over the very beautiful Tywi Valley, S.Wales ( actually cheaper than many realise).

I can’t post the link to the company but here’s one of my own Flickr shots of it

No idea how they’ll lift me into it but sure as eggs, I’ve no intention of falling out of it :wink:

Eiona :0)

Tina, I was going to say that your 7 legged spider brooch could be a valuable rarity.then saw that there actually are such critters!

I once got a broken brooch from a friend and felt it was probably given to her and she had recycled it to me. I felt upset that that was all she thought of me.

When you think how much dosh is spent on unwanted presents, eh?

luv Pollx

we had a firm agreement to only buy for children so i wasnt expecting anything.

then my husband gave me a voucher for river island and my sons gave me tickets for kings of leon.

ah… my 3 men are great

carole x

well this year i didn’t receive any presents that I cannot use. Not bad going for a 52 year old. Saying that had a chat this year with the worst offenders ( home made skirts, bet lynch jeweller, slippers) they had been moaning about money so told them I would rather you didn’t buy me anything also they would be wasting their money on slippers and pyjamas as I can’t hold the slippers on , said a small box of sweets would be more that enough, needless to say got a big box of santuary stuff(what happened to the moan about money) anyway must treasure this year.

i realy cant complain at all this year it was good alround. Its the first year i can remember my family have not had a major falling out on christmas day as it normaly takes all year for us all to start talking again before we all fall out again. Plus on the presant side i only got one but it was just what i wanted a new DSLR camera. well infact better than the one i wanted so for once no christmas grumbles from me at all. James