happy easter

Hi All, hope you have a happy easter and don t eat to many choc eggs. We all hope the weather picks up a bit just watched it rain across the rd but not on my side.

Right leg playing up the knee keeps giving way very painfull has this happened to any of you don t no if its the ms or my age slowing me down, l am useing both sticks now to help me walk, as our house has steps to get in and out its getting harder to get in and out still no sale and the bungalow we wanted has been sold its a waiting game.

I do hope to get out over the weekend to see the sea.

Take care all and be good (well as good as you can be )

regards Jan xxxx

Jan- knees giving way has been one of the main things I have had to contend with, even when I was still walking with sticks.It was one of the earliest signs that something was wrong. Now I’m in a wheelchair, and do some transfers on a Rotastand, I have to be very sure my legs are properly locked out before I feel safe, otherwise the treacherous knees can go AWOL.

And happy Easter to you

Hi Jan, It could be MS but could also be cartilage problem, which is also very painful…I should get it checked out if I were you…at least the cartilage problem is easily sorted. Hope it soon eases for you. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE…hope you all have loads of chocolate! Beautifully sunny here in Herefordshire …hope it is for everyone else too. Take care, Nina x

Happy Easter everyone, hope you all have a lovely time.

Pam x

hello everyone, Easter marks a passing of the first part of the year. The trees and fields are the greenest we will see and the accompanying optimism rides as high as the sun. It’s a good time to take stock of our situation and be grateful for the things we still value. Mind you it doesn’t give us any respite from our pains and physical inadequacies. There are times when we feel desperate but I still take great comfort from a warm sun, a gorgeous daughter and a wonderful wife. happy easter, bedt wishes, Steve.

Enjoy your Easter everyone. I’m loving the sunshine and longer days as well as watching the lambs in the surrounding fields, my plants are growing but I’m trying not to get carried away with the chocolate or my pants will be getting even bigger too. Hope you’re all doing something nice, I’m off for a stroll around the car boot sale on Sunday. Looking forward to escaping from my house which is being renovated and a disorganised dust bowl. Take care

Cath xx

Happy Easter everyone - chocolate yum M

Happy Easter everyone! Sainsbury’s order came this morning… I had ordered myself one of those small boxes of Lindt choc’s… you know the one with only 4 choc’s in… driver told me they were out of stock and had substituted a BIG box… Did I want him to take them back? Not on your Nellie!!! Sometimes you just have to accept what fate gives you… LOL… Thinking of you all, Pat xx

Happy Easter to you all.

I’ve been to Waitrose this morning and secured two nice big eggs for my wife and daughter, I’ll probably get some myself although I am borderline daibetic so need to be careful.

Two weeks ago I sold my BMWR 1200GS motorcycle, there is a neat space in the garage where it stood, on 30th of June I retire from work after nearly 26 years, things are really changing and changing quickly for me. Easter is a special time I hope you all enjoy it.

John xx

I did some gardening earlier and was enjoying the warm sunshine (warm enough to not need a coat on). According to our local Tesco Express, barbeque season has arrived - when I popped in yesterday, two members of staff were arranging a stand of barbeque buckets, bags of charcoal etc.

My husband and I have a Hotel Chocolat Easter egg to share, and I’ve got a Mars one someone gave me so I’ll share that with him. He’s already made a start on walking off his share of the chocolate - he went out and hiked up a hill this morning!

Happy Easter to everyone!

happy Easter everyone, just about finished a giant toblerone, back on the sensible eating on Tuesday R

Hi and happy Easter all I have been enjoying doing not much at all so far. Watched a Harry Potter film and can safely say that’s pretty much the most condructive thing I’ve done today.

Hannah is home from Uni, so she’s just gone with her Dad to get chocolate supplies and pick up our Wagamama order, crikey my tummy just growled so loudly when I typed the last sentence!!!

We’re visiting family tomorrow too so all in it’s looking to be a good weekend,

Hope it’s a good one for all of us

Sonia xx