How's Easter going?

Hya gang, how’s it going?

I’m ‘home alone’ for most of today… no need to bring the violins out… I was invited to a lunch but in house with upstairs loo. And could have gone to my mum’s… but I’ve been stuck at home all week with fatigue monster who won’t go away!!!

Anyway, my son and family are dropping by later after having lunch with my mum… so get to see grandson, who, by the way, has been chosen to do a reading in Lincoln Cathedral on St. Georges Day!!! (all of 7 years old… only a little boy… I hope it’s not too nerve racking for him).

Hope you’re all having a lovely day… not stressful… not in pain… not too tiring…and involving copious amounts of chocolate!!!

Lots of love,

Pat xxx

Hi Pat

Well it’s sunny here, still cold but dry! Not doing anything, just

chillaxing as my grandchildren would say. They have all been and

collected their Easter eggs, so gone home happy.

Hope that monster gives you a break real soon. Sounds great for your

grandson, you should all be very proud.

Take care

Pam x

just been invaded kids everywhere and everyone decended on my bedroom to end the easter egg hunt 11 bodies crammed in here it was marvelous. Hope your fatigue passes soon, I am brewing some sort of infection this is the third day in bed. My wife went for a sunrise service at 6:00 on Margate beach and then back to the church for bacon sarnies. I mis the Easter services I have not been able to get to church for the last couple of years but hey ho. well done to your grandson. And as for violins you should know better from fellow MS’ers we dont pity ourselves so we aint going to pity you.

Good luck to your grandson Pat - hope it goes well! The house is bulging at the seams with choc - thank goodness there are six of us. We don’t end up with too much each. Hope you all have a good Easter Day. Teresa xx

Happy Easter guys, I think we should have a chocolate Smiley! I hope the reading goes well

Had a lovely 2 hours with the family… and got a chocolate bunny and pot full of tulip bulbs… and no more hassling me to go and stay!

Have nice evening everyone… ‘The Village’ or ‘Foyle’s War’? Decisions, decisions…

Pat xxx

Happy Easter Pat, Foyles war for me ! Here’s to a sunny Easter Monday, Very best wishes to everyone, Nina

Hi Pat

Glad you had a nice visit from your family and hoped you enjoyed

your choc bunny.

It was Foyles War for me (but I recorded The Village) for when there

is only c***p on.

Take care

Pam x

Thanks peeps. I watched Foyles War too… was good! Will watch The Village on iplayer.

So today is when it all starts. PIP, bedroom tax, private services in NHS, council tax for most benefit claimants… and er… oh yeah… huge tax cuts for the rich (and I’m sure I’ve forgotten stuff… there’s so much of it).

We have to stick together eh?

Take care all and have a good day,

Pat x